Castle darkness

The Shadowblood Castle, before its transformation

Beyond Light and Darkness

Beyond Light and Darkness is a fanmade series that was created by LordTerrantos/DarkEmperorTerrantos of Deviantart: the author and creator of it. It is a series on youtube and deviantart. The book series is of course not public as its just fanmade and its only for entertainment purposes. The Series is a crossover universe of Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Protagonist Villains, and Villains. Where Godstrike the Good organization resides in the realm of Light and while Shadowblood resides in Hell. Many believe that if the two armies collide that it will bring forth the Apocalypse. Dark Emperor is the Main Antagonist of the series and the center of the plot. Much of his past is unknown and is one of the original characters in the series. He is also the Leader of Shadowblood. Shunsui Kyoraku is a Hero from bleach who serves as the Main Protagonist (later on after the betrayal of its two former leaders) and Leader of Godstrike.

Some of the Characters are based off of some people such as Dark Emperor/LordTerrantos is based off of the Author & is the Author, Jamiethedalek is a character made by him, Plague being based off of the author's friend thenightmarecooper, and etc.

P.S. All Artwork on the site credit goes to the artist who drew it. All Arrancar, Soul Reaper, and Resurrecions artwork credit goes to Arrancarfighter, Hollow Forms that are black & white and have a Mythology theme credit go to Dragonlordrynn, Vaati's artwork goes to Goldprincess, Artwork of Lilith, Naamah, Agrat, Plague, Eisheth, and some other Mythological Entities goes to GENZOMAN, Artwork of Hostilia, Rin Gitsune, Volo, Raphael, Erai Gitsune, Dhalia Fon, and Sanguis Victoria go to RoseDragonGuardian92, Domina's artwork goes to Immortalblood0219, and Dark Emperor Terrantos's & Damien Fon's artwork goes to hinataconsuegra. Sonsaku Ryuku's artwork goes to Rtenzo.

P.S. 2: Most of the characters come from anime, videogames, movies, and etc. and most of the anime pictures come from other wiki, we claim nothing other than the OCS in the site. and the fanmade series itself. Other than that everything else belongs to the respectful creators. as well as the artwork of the characters.

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