villains that are in love, this may motive their actions and sometimes they become obsessed or jealous - often villains that are in love are not evil but misguided (though some become corrupted due to the pain of rejection): sometimes a villain's love will redeem them but sometimes it will do the exact opposite.

Tho Soifon is not misguided, as she is so in Love with her master she will do any evil deed she can and cause as much destruction and mayhem & death as possible to please her lover; LordTerrantos.

The Only rarity of in love villains is Male. The only 2 villains shown who are male that love someone is the Principal Antagonist Dark Emperor who loves Soifon and Shishio Makoto who loves Yumi Komagata.

Most female villains in Shadowblood are in Love with Terrantos and are his Wives and part of his harem

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