Your lives are nothing but a frail existence in this World, even chaos does not want you in it, so in favor to chaos I will exterminate you

Domina Fon is the Eldest Daughter of Terrantos and Soifon as well as one of the Main Antagonists in the Beyond Light and Darkness Series. She is not a ranked Officer as she shares a leadership role with her siblings and her parents. Domina is seen as a emotionless and Cruel Assassin with no remorse for the lives of who she kills and how. She has 3 siblings: Darkon Fon, Damiean Fon, and Dhalia Fon.  In the Sequel, Beyond Light and Darkness: Reign of the Fatal Four she is the Principal/Main Antagonist of the Sequel and the Leader of Shadowblood upon her Father's Death.

Domina like her Father was chosen by Chaos and while her Father was favored and good friends with the Old One and Outer God, Yog-Sothoth and Later Nyarlathotep. Shub-Niggurath one of the Old Ones has become friends and one of Domina's Greatest allies in the Sequel. She unlike her Father does not have a harem (her father had a large harem of women) making Domina not lustful or loving person, she seems to be obsessed with Revenge against all Light and all Heroes, especially God.


Domina has Short Black hair Similar in the style of Lucy's or Seras's Hair style, a Princess like Crown on her head. She has pale skin just like her siblings and She has Gold Colored Eyes. Domina wears silver pauldrons on her shoulders. She wears a Black Bra on her large breasts. She has a black cape with a hood. She has a Skull Belt and has Black Heart earrings. She wears a shark tooth Necklace. She wears long, baggy, off-white colored trousers and Red tights, and long, fingerless gloves. Her fingernails and toenails are painted Black. She also wears Tae Kwon Do foot garments (like Juri foot garments). She also has her knives, daggers, kunai, curved knives hidden within her cape (which has the power to hide weapons within itself). Her Breast Size is around the same as Orihime's. All her weapons minus her Silent Bullet Guns and Katana are hidden inside her cape.

In the Sequel Beyond Light and Darkness: Reign of the Fatal Four. Domina has Long Blackish-Blue colored Princess Length Hair. She wears a Dark Lord Black Cape (the inside is red). Her fingernails are painted Blue with shark fins and her toenails are painted gold with with black snakes. She wears Silver-Demonic Armor with a Snake Chest-like plate. She has Snake-Demon Pauldrons with spikes on them. She has silver gauntlets that are fingerless with blue lightning on them and a purple jewel on the glove of the gauntlets. She wears a Snake and Skull Necklace. Her lips are lime green and she has purple eyeliner around her eyes. She has dragon earings and her eyes are now Silver instead of gold. She wears a Samurai-Like Hakama which is colored silver. She still is barefooted with her same taekwondo foot garments (she usually is not barefooted now), she wears Knight like boots which only the foot part can be seen and its colored dark pink. she has a eyepatch on her right eye, and its colored blue with red stripes. Her breast size is now around Rangiku Matsumoto's.

Like Dhalia she can control her hair color/length, clothing, breast size, and etc at will.


Domina is quiet and Mysterious and rarely ever speaks the opposite of her younger Siblings as even when adressed by name she will not speak as she will just have a cold and even murderous look in her golden wolf-like eyes as if she was a predator in front of its prey, because of her quiet yet Mysterious aura and attitude many have nicknamed Domina "Nyx" or even "The Wolf within the Shadows" or even "The Bat of a Thousand Nights" these often make people very afraid of her which seems to enjoy causing even though it is never shown on her expressions. Domina is Cold and Collected, almost never showing any signs of emotion or expression she never loses her cool even when insulted or when people mock her and her family she remains completly calm never losing expression or emotion, she is also never distressed about any situation no matter what it is showing no surprise or shock upon seeing it.

Unlike Damiean and Dhalia she shows no signs of emotion in any form or shape even in battle she shows no emotion she is often compared to a Nihilist because of this, most of her family often wonder why she is like this but she states that she despises mortals and anyone who opposes her father, even when asked a question or if someone joked or mocked her she shows no signs of emotion as Dhalia said to her older sister "Hahahahaha come on Sis why don't we tear our dad's foes apart then feed them to that fool Psycho Kirby....or are just too cool to do that?!", despite this mockery Domina showed no signs of emotion and just left. She prefers to fight in the Shadows and in Darkness as she prefers not being out in the open as she believes it makes her the most vulnerable to the light and to her enemeis who control and manipulate light in her own words "I prefer fighting in the dark, I am more likely to win in the dark then in the light" and unlike Damiean and Dhalia she is Anti-Social never interacting with anyone other than herself and Her Father as many such as Vaati have tried to speak to her but she just ignores them as if they don't exist but speaks to her father on a daily basis "Father I will eliminate all who oppose you even if it means engulfing the entire land in flames" showing she prefers not only speaking to him but is also very loyal to her father.

Domina lacks Her brother's twisted code of honor she does not believe in honor as she believes it completly worthless and it should no exist in the world as it makes a man, woman, monsters, or any species weak in her view the only true thing about "Honor" is having the power of the Old Ones and that all should die at her feet if thier not family, showing her to be very bitter about the belief of honor. Domina is not shown to be arogant in any matter unlike her brother or sister though in rare moments she can be show to have a ego as when she fought Thor and Iron Man she displayed some level of arrogance when she said "You can not win, you should just surrender I am superior to you and you are feeble ants who are trying to stand before a Bat, its pointless..your existence is pathethic" showing her to be very cruel and arrogant. She prefers going on her own way and killing in her own style and unlike her siblings she was not trained to be a Warrior-Brawler (Damiean), a Berserker Samurai (Darkon), and a Sorceress (Dhalia) she was trained the same way her Father was which caused her to develop her cold personality as her assassin like attitude has caused her to look down on bandits and the Dark Brotherhood as she sees them as nothing but rogues or thiefs that bring a disgrace to True Assassins.

She particulary hates Cicero or Astrid because of how thick headed they are. She prefers her solitude above all else preferring to being alone than in groups or socializing with anyone other than her parents who she greatly admires, as she hates being in groups as it makes her feel insecure and not safe as her only friend through her whole Life has only been her father, while many have stated she may have a daughter-like love for her father, some mostly heroes have questioned this to be not the case. Domina only has trusted her father, her best friend Phobia, and the shadows showing how little she cares for having actually friends, this may hint why she is so cold and cruel to her enemies and allies alike as she said "I have no need for friends as they slow you down. why bother when the Shadows are way better to trust? the only friends I need is my father and Phobia". Showing how high her trust is for people, even Vaati comments "Hhahahaha come now we all know that you hate talkign to people and making friends unless its Plague's daughter or your father?! Hahahahahahhahahahahaha"

Though Domina is not arrogant ever since she was a young girl she was always Incredibly Greedy as she always stole things that did not belong to her from trinkets, gold, Weapons, and many other stuff as during her early days on a trip with her father to egypt, she stole the prize gem of egypt just because she found it attractive and enchanting and thought it would look good on her, she also stole Gold from Brazil's Museum and Bank without question, and even went as far as stealing a Emperor of Rome's Family heirloom showing she loves the sight of Gold and anything that catches her eye, specifically expensive things, she has once said "I don't care what it is, Gold, Money, Trinkets, Heirlooms, and anything that is worth alot it will all be mine....I love Gold and anything that is in that color and expensive!". She did it just for the beauty of it believing by stealing stuff she was become more elegant and beautiful she also seem to believe it made her more powerful as well for unknown reasons, this has to point made her seem like a Narccist a woman who believes she is more beautiful then anything else, but thought gold and trinkets made her more beautiful. According to Soifon she believed she did it to earn the affections of her father though if this is true or not is unknown as Domina doesn't real speak about her feelings due to her emotionless-Assassin like Personality, but her father himself has hinted she did steal all those things to get his affections and approval showing she does all she does for her father's affections and approval.

Domina can be seen as a Dispassionate as she is not influence by strong feelings and does not feel anything when she is somehow involved all she does is remain completely unaffected and emotionless no matter the situation even if it relates to her family in shape or form, showing how cold she can be. She is also shown to be quite callous as she hardly feels anything or feels sympathy for others as even told of Vaati's past and why he turned into what he is, she did not care all she thought of him after hearing that is "He is nothing but a insignificant bug that should learn its place" showing she can also be quite cruel when it comes to matter such as things. She shows no sympathy for no one as even when it came to a child, which she killed his parents but without much caring and sympathy said to the boy, "What's the matter boy? Do you hate me? Do you despise me? Then I suggest you to only have hatred and then maybe in another life time you can attempt to kill me." but not long after she says that does she kill the boy without any signs of mercy or hesitation showing she is a completely ruthless and Merciless Woman, having no care for life what so ever believing all that are not her siblings, her parents, or her half-siblings and Step-Mothers are nothing but trash to be disposed of.

Domina is also seen to be distant from others physically and emotionally preferring to be alone and not to interact with others, due to this she is one of the most aloof characters in the series but also most anti-social ones as well, she has no interest in speaking to others or showing her feelings preferring to kill her victims and torture some of her allies over talking. Domina also has no interest in the concept of Love as she does not understand it nor does she care for it as to her love is another thing that slows you down while she has felt signs of love she refuses to acknowledge it as Love but will only acknowledge her love for her parents or her siblings, this is the only form of Love she will ever approve of she has onced said "Love, is weak I do not care for it nor do I desire it, if I were to have love it would make me weak and a excuse of a assassin...the only Love I possess is my Love for my parents and my siblings."

She is also a very Indifferent woman as she does not view lives of any importance and views her enemies even less often seeing them as Insignificant and are not worth anything to her they are nothing but Trash or Maggots that's only purpose is to serve as pawns for her Father or to be killed because they are insignificant and are expendable to her no one is worth anything they are just feeble worms whose only purpose is to die like the feeble ants they are even saying to the heroes at one point "Your lives means nothing your existence means nothing, you all are nothing but feeble worms aiming to survive...admirable yet futile just abandoned your foolishness of hope and dreams as you all will die in the end, as Darkness is absolute" showing how dark and evil her beliefs are as well as her cruelty. Domina is shown to also be Sinister as just here mere prescence can cast a dark shadow and omnious force upon the world most people have said if she appears a great calamity or disaster will not before long follow, her aura is so evil even Maka Albarn said, "What its impossible....her aura, her soul is more evil then even Medusa's or even Typhon himself!" showing how powerful and evil that Domina is, many fear her because of her dark power and her sinister aura and soul to this Domina welcomes as she wants people to fear her as it gives her, her strength as much as hatred does and war as she will willingly cause fear, hate in the hearts of man to make sure she becomes more powerful this includes war.

While Domina prefers not using Hand-to-Hand Combat like tactics she does rely on them most of the time, she particulary favors using Taekwondo not only because of how much she is good at using it on her foes but because she enjoys using her feet against her foes, hinting like her sister she enjoys using her bare feet (has foot garments on) against her enemies she is quite brutal with the fighting style often kicking her enemies in brutal patterns as she kick Mario in the chest with her barefoot and darkness energy burst out injuring Mario majorly. She also seems to enjoy using her feet because it feels good on them when she has her foot on someone's neck before snapping it or because she likes looking down on her foe before sentencing him to death, while not shown a lot it is implied she may have used this fighting style because she and her sister and her father have the fighting style and uses it to impress her father and earn his approval and affections. Domina has one put her foot on the frog form of Eruka, one of her father's subordinates and said "Now now that feels good...don't you dare transform back or you U gave task for you Eruka...." showing a similar scene that of when Medusa did it during Soul Eater.

While usually using Taekwondo for her hand-to-hand combat she does use her hands as she has grab Link by the neck before punching him in the chest , and she also grabbed several civilians by the neck before cutting them, or slicing but she also uses her Mother's fighting style of using Hakuda to deal a variety of strikes with her hands and feet and usually beating her foe to a pulp before killing them. She has said to Ichigo "I prefer using my shadow like techniques to eliminate my enemies but when using Taekwondo or Hakuda that was taught by both my Father and Mother...I am a force you cannot comprehend Kurosaki Ichigo....So give up now if you wish to continue living" showing she believes her abilities taught to her from her parents cannot be beaten, showing her to be a bit arrogant. Some of the other tactics she uses when she fights to hand to hand combat vary but some of her martial arts come from numerous Japanese and even Chinese Martial Arts as she has been seen using the Tiger, Crane, and even Mantis fighting styles she has shown to take pride in her martial arts taught to her by her father (he taught her the Chinese martial arts) and her taekwondo especially (taught to her by Juri) and of course her Hakuda (taught by her mother and father) while she prefers using weapons she will use martial arts if necessary as she thinks using them will increase her power when she kills her enemies this shows her to bit cruel yet brutal at the same time in her fighting styles.

Domina takes great pride in her ability to shape shift into others as she finds this method useful when infiltrating the enemies base but not only that but she also uses it to her advantage so she can torment her foes as she once turned in Ed's Mother and said, "Why....Ed....Why....didn't you save me....your own mother....did you not love me....did you hate me?!" this caused Ed to become conflicted with his emotions and he couldn't move which Domina found amusing. Domina also uses this ability to manipulate her enemies and prey and even her own allies to do what she wants as she once manipulated Link while in Zelda form to eliminate a Leader of a Goron tribe who she convinced link was evil and a member of Shadowblood, but upon learning he was trick Domina reveal her true form and told him the cold true of this world "I warn you at the beginning that there is no truth no lies about your world....the only thing about any world is its filled with darkness and darkness is the beginning of everything...were we not born in darkness before coming out into a realm of Light? This is the truth of all worlds, Darkness is absolute and trusting even a loved one is a naïve and foolish thing to do." Domina seems to enjoy causing suffering while in the form of a hero's loved one even though she does not show it she has commented she enjoyed seeing their expressions upon revealing who she was before killing them or defeating them. Showing she has no qualms or mercy about using her shape shifting abilities to destroy her enemies mentally and from the inside.

Domina is a Very Strict and Possibly Cruel Sadistic Business Woman taking all her tasks quite seriously she will never be laid back or goof off as she will not stop doing her task until she finishes it no matter what is especially if it involves murder or assassination as she prefers those type of task the most, one of the few things that makes Domina slightly smile. Domina believes in always following orders and doing what you are told, if she finds anyone not obeying orders or discussing of overthrowing her father she will not hesitate to kill them no matter what their reasoning is, as she killed a foot soldier who was just slacking off and killed him instantly. She is also strict to her allies regardless of who they are telling them what to do or get off their lazy streak such as "Vaati stop goofing off and get back to work you pathetic fool" showing she is quite strict regardless of status or rank, as all are inferior to her. She can be shown to be sarcastic sometimes but this is a very rare but when she does say something sarcastic is usually something quite dark, Domina is also strict towards her siblings and step-mothers showing she does not care who they are she will be strict with them no matter what.

Like her younger brother and Sister, Damiean and Dhalia, she treats the entire war and her father's plans as a Game more specifically a Game a chess. As she treats her own allies and subordinates as pawns to be used to eliminate her and her family's enemies. She often calls certain people by one of the chess piece names, she called her father The King, her mother the Queen, Darkon The Knight, Dhalia The Bishop, and many others by these names. But she never refers to herself in this Game of hers never once calling herself any chess piece names most likely do to the fact she does not believe herself as part of the game but as the conductor or puppeteer, Despite her view on the life of others because of this she will often address her enemies by a Number instead of actually saying their names such as "Number 53 your a fool to believe you could beat me in battle...." often acting like a Robot when saying that she even often will say "Mission Start" before killing her foes. Why she treats the war like a game one of the few things she does not treat like a game is Death as she views it as the Ultimate Power in the universe along with Chaos viewing that all begin in Darkness, the realm of Death and I brought into the light by Chaos.

Domina is often described as many things such as: An aimless and powerful shadow sneaking about, a powerful venomous serpent ready to strike down her enemy of prey for both food and amusement, a spider with meticulous planning. Though the more complex the plan the happier she becomes or even sexually aroused (though rare) why she would become sexually aroused would be unknown but she may find doing stuff for her father's plans enjoyable and may only get aroused because of that, though she may also just enjoy killing. She seems to act like a funny puzzler at times not through her voice like Dhalia but through whispers and funny narcisstic tones, to truly terrify and creep her opponent out which will often make her smile at the joy of seeing them freak out. Domina is also a very dark, sleezy, moody, and sometimes negative person as she never usually says anything happy about anyone or herself as she views happiness as a weakness (despite herself usually being happy even if one cannot tell), She is moody as her moods can change from anger to murderous within seconds if not careful she may end up killing someone nearby, so many usually try to not get too close to her. She is not negative about herself she gives negative comments to her foes such as "You think you can become Hokage? You a mere insolent arrogant knucklehead. Please a squirrel has better chances" this often either provokes or puts her foe down.

She believes there is no such thing as Honor in the Universe or the Omniverse no matter what form of Honor it is if its Absolute Justice, Twisted Honor, Lazy Justice, or whatever form of Justice or Honor there is no such thing as Innocence it is only an illusion created by the Gods and Angels in her belief, as she views the Gods gave the concept of honor to man so man would stay loyal to them and use them to make them more powerful this is why Domina despises angels mostly because they are the source of the illusions and will do whatever necessary to kill angels no matter what despite her weakness is light, especially if the light is from a Angel. She is hellbent on proving her philosphy is correct and will do anything to prove it even if it means burning an entire world to the ground or impaling her victims with poison daggers or swords, she will show no mercy whatsoever if it means proving her philosophy. Though she hates it when someone like Link or Mario prove her wrong which often irritates her and she will then attempt to murder the one who proved her wrong which usually ends up bad for that individual, she will not hesitate to kill anyone with honor unless its a villain under her father's command who has a twisted sense of honor while this annoys her she will obey her father.

Domina while rarely showing any traits of a Dark Lord she does possess them. Domina is a Highly Intelligent woman with an IQ of 277 almost as Intelligent as her father, she uses her intelligence to often outmaneuver her enemies and will even come up with her own strategies and plans to help aid her father in his conquest for Omniversal Domination. As she onced came up with a plan to send an entire planet into the silent hill realm to show the people who lived on the planet what true fear was not only to please her father but also increase his fame and her power. Domina is also hinted to be the smartest female in the series after her mother, while she is intelligent many do not see it as much as her siblings or father do comparing her to that of an Owl and a Wolf at the same time who are known for being intelligent. Domina also smart enough to use her shape shifting powers to avoid detection and even use the powers of what she shapes into, to her advantage. She earned nicknamed "The Devil Planner of Hell" by the civilians much to many villains surprise.

Domina also most notable trait other then her emotionless attitude is how narcissistic she is as she believes she is the most beautiful woman in the entire omniverse often saying her appearance, her body, and everything else about her is more beautiful than any other woman in the series or omniverse. But what makes her think this even more is when she has blood on her or when she has stolen gold and trinkets making her believe she is more beautiful than even Yoruichi or her own Mother, causing many to believe Domina is delusional. Domina often tends to say things that make her sound narcissist "My beauty is uncomprehendable not even the Gods can compare themselves to my everlasting beauty."

In the Sequel of BLAD, upon her father's death after 30 years. She has become more like a Tyrant but unlike her father she does not have a harem of men (her father had a harem of women). Domina is surprisingly more Brutal and Violent as she is more easily angered by even the simplest provoke as she rip Vaati's tongue out and then stabed him in the mouth before blasting him with dark magic, showing Domina has more of a temper then she did 30 years before. She now believes that only by ending all Light in the Universe can her father's goal truly been realize and she will conquer the entire omniverse in his name to make this goal of his reality even if it means burning everything to the ground showing she has become quite bitter and cruel since losing her father. She can be seen as a very Merciless and ruthless woman as well not showing any sympathy when fighting a child either, making her seem more like a tyrant.

Though other then those traits she is still pretty much the same.


Domina is the Eldest Child of Soifon and Terrantos. Unlike her siblings she was born in the depths of Hell instead of Hueco Mundo or the Soul Society. This caused her to a lot more Cold and Bitter even as a Child, she didn't care for the lives of her fellow soul reapers and despite how many deaths she caused, Central 46 could not lay a finger on her due to her father's influence in the soul society.

at age 25, when she heard her younger sister Dhalia scream she along with her father went to find her being attacked by a nightmare hollow, Dhalia used her shadows to rescue her 8 year old sister while her father murdered the hollow and even then Domina knew this would change her sister into a Psychopath just like her father knew.

at age 67, She was already a Master of all the soul reaper techniques she was taught to her by her father, who she greatly admired and wanted his approval with her abilities and skill. Around this time she did feel slight of affections for a certain soul reaper but he died a week later for unknown reasons this caused her to despise love and develop a complex that she would only love her father.

at age 188, Her father had gathered a army to help him conquer the omniverse, while Domina had respect for all the soldiers she did not care too much for the Dark Brotherhood and wanted to see them rot no matter what.

At age 500, her father's grand plan for war and Omniversal conquest was about to begin and she was already scheming her devious plots.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

All Assassination Techniques in the universe, Taekwondo, Manipulation of Shadows & Darkness, and finally the power to Shapeshift

the more excited she is for her hunting (As she opposes cheap killings over true battle) is that when she gets all hyped, up she can consume a large or reanimate an entire area full of pure darkness and shadow where she can manipulate the entire arena to her gleeful design, the more night and shadow and darkness, the more she manipulate as well.