The Soul Society was Corrupt, they believe they are justice just because they banish a man a woman loves to Hueco Mundo for a millennium they can justify thier pety existences. They are nothing but trash that should be wipe out from the face of the the end I can only trust my Husband, Terrantos and help him conquer the entire Omniverse!

Soifon is the former Captain of Squad 2 and the Former Commander of the Stealth Force and Her former Lieutenant is Marechiyo Omaeda. She is the 2nd Principal Antagonist of the series and is one of the founders of Shadowblood and one of the primary reasons the Bleach universe was destroyed. She was the Arch Nemeiss of Kisuke Urahara and was the former friend and student of Yoruichi Shihoin but in truth they were her allies who were just pretending to be Heroes, She is really the Arch Nemesis of Dante (DMC). She is also The 1st andf Main Wife of Terrantos, The Dark Emperor; her childhood friend and the Mother of Domina Fon, Darkon Fon, Damiean Fon, Dhalia Fon.


Soifon is a relatively short and petite woman with gray eyes and black hair. Her hair is worn short with two long braids bound in white cloth each ending in a large golden ring. 110 years ago, Soifon's hair was shoulder-length and had a softer look to it. She wears a traditional Soul Reaper Captain's uniform with a sleeveless haori and a yellow obi tied around her waist. Underneath her standard Soul Reaper captain's uniform, Soifon wears the uniform of the Commander-in-chief of the Stealth Force, which has no sleeves and doesn't cover the back, though she does wear long black arm bands. Instead of wearing the standard Shinigami sandals with tabi, she wears traditional Chinese shoes with ordinary white socks.

Soifon in BLAD Matured Greatly in both her body and her chest, now having a large chest (large boobs) often belived her chest size to be larger than Rangiku's and all the other girls in Shadowblood. While originally flat chested she became busty after 800 years being with her Husband


Soifon is staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in her beliefs. She is a hard worker and takes a strong moral stance — she particularly believes in following orders. She is generally reserved and truly not arrogant in any manner like her lieutenant, though she is not above mocking/joking around with her opponents or smirking while in combat, a trait also seen in her predecessor. She will not hesitate in the slightest to strike down even her subordinates if they stand in her way. She chooses to ignore all her subordinates, including her lieutenant Omaeda, believing that personal struggle builds character Soifon, like most female Soul Reapers, she was a member of the Soul Reaper Women's Association.

Soifon is a person of incredible resolve, not hesitating to do whatever it takes to complete a mission and defeat her enemy; an example of this can be seen during her battle with the Segunda Espada, after being exposed to an attack she orders her Lieutenant to remove her arm without hesitation. Very rarely will Soifon show signs of desperation or emotion on the battlefield, except when it concerns her former master. Despite her cold demeanor and constant attack towards her Lieutenant, she has displayed a certain level of faith in him (trusting him to act as a distraction while she carries out a plan). Her stubborn attitude is so great that even now she still seems to hold a degree of dislike for Kisuke Urahara be it because Yoruichi used to tease her about him, or she found his lazy demeanor undisciplined or that she still blames him for her mentor's abandonment over one hundred years previously. This is shown when she asks Hachigen Ushoda to place the shop owner in a barrier for a month in exchange for using her Bankai a second time in one day.

In Beyond Light and Darkness, Soifon develops villainous traits due to her new role as an Antagonist but keeps her personality from her series. Soifon has developed a deep hatred of: Humans, Mortals, Good Soul Reapers, and anyone else who stands in Her Love's Way. At some point Soifon started to hear a voice when her lover was banished to Hueco Mundo just for saving her from 30 Gillians. Soifon developed an even colder personality to a point her expressions usually looked Sadistic and Cold. She developed a sadistic, sociopathic and blood thirsty personality making her a lot more malicious than she was in Bleach. Soifon is Quite Indifferent towards her foes and allies alike with the exceptions of Terrantos and her four Children; Domina, Darkon, Damiean and Dhalia as she often shows no compassion towards no one else other than her family.

Soifon while she is cruel she shows no compassion towards her enemies and even her greatest allies showing a very heartless attitude often mocking her foes and telling her enemies things they do not wnt to hear, things that will just make them feel pain she does not show any concern for this as she enjoys thier pain mentally or Physically, believing herself to be beyond God but below Terrantos's level. She ws not no simple trecherous Woman she had very Tyrannical Goals shown by signs of her power-Hunger she shown signs of desiring Power while she did desire power she did not want to gain it with whatever means necessary she only desired it if it was necessary, while she says she wants to control everyone who is not family she will not do it if it goes against her beliefs. She may seem callous, Aloof, and Even Dispassionate towards her foes showing no emotion at any moment she in truth does have emotion as shown with how she looks at her husband and how she cares for her children like any mother would, willing to strike down her enemy if they were to harm her kids but in battle she is emotionless without any compassion willing to slice a Man's neck in half without Mercy as she views her enemy as nothing more than an Insect.

While Soifon is usually a Short-Tempered and Cold Woman she can be shown to be a very calm headed individual and hows no signs of worry or distress/surprise no matter what the circumenstances are, she can also be seen to be a Malevolent and Malicious force not be trifled with while she is short she is one of the most Murderous criminals in Society of Shakala. She is a very lustful woman when it comes to her Husband, mostly sexually as she does show a strong desire to have sex with her Lover and this often prompts her to become more lustful the more she does it despite this she can control her lust to a point where she didn't do it with him for 35 days. She is also shown to be a very brutal enemy as she has a strong cruelty and brutal steak as she has snapped a man's neck before she gives him a chance to speak, her eyes also cause her foes and the weak to fear her as many refer her eyes as "the eyes of the Devil". Soifon is seen to be Ruthless as she has no pity or sympathy for her enemy as she would not hesitate to strike her enemy down without even regret and she will even be ruthless in criticism towards her enemy on thier abilities and even thier looks. As She is Cunning, Calculating, Cynical, Highly Intelligent she is shown to be a very smart and Clever woman easily out manevuring her enemies using her wits against them or displaying great skill in her abilities or intelligence.

She is a very quiet woman and compared to her allies of her Husband even though like her he is quiet most of the time, she often looks down upon her foes as if they were insects or ants viewing them as nothing but weaklings compared to her as a Reaper an a Goddess but despite that she is not arrogant but she wants to conquer all the worlds in the name of her Husband and her family, Terrantos beliving upon doing so she and they will have reach true GODHOOD. While usually annoyed by loudmouths like Vaati or Kefka soifon is surprisingly never annoyed by her Sister-in-law and co-wife of Terrantos, Juri Han as she and Juri get along quite well and are usually partnered up when thier Husband can not be bothered with something and they both get into conversations about how they enjoy destroying or killing thier enemy.

Soifon also rarely laughs at all in the entire series this may be due to her lack of humor or she has no care for laughing but it is stated when she does laugh it means the end of your life is not too far behind. She is Highly Manipulative ever to trick her foes into performing a task for her as she simply tricked a civilian into going outside the village only to be killed by Juri, while Manipulative she is also Strategic and Clever able to perform Master Strategies and out manevuer her enemy like nothing. She is also Greedy as she is shown to be greedy yet Lustful for her husband (in sex) but despite this will have sex wih him and allow one of her sisters-in-laws join in the "fun". While usually not power-hungry she is quie gluttonous for power hoping to devour strong sources of energy just to gain more power to become closer to her Husband's level, at the level of a Cosmic being. While not truly sadistic she does enjoy making people suffer espicially annoying people much to her enjoyment and excitment it is unknown but she may like making her lover, suffer sexually it is unclear. She is also Highly Loyal to her Husband and her family willing to strike down her enemies down if they are a threat to them or if someone insulted them, which would mean you complete and utter doom. Soifon's Intelligence is Higher than many of her allies and surpasses even Aizen's and Kisuke's now her IQ is Just below her Husband's, her IQ is that of 300


Young Soifon

Young Soifon, before she meets LordTerrantos

Soifon was born as Shaolin Fon into the Fon house, one of the lower noble houses affiliated with the Shihōin noble house. She was in the 9th Generation of her family and as the youngest of six siblings she joined the Executive Militia of the Stealth Force as was tradition in her family. Upon joining the militia, she dropped her given name, Shaolin Fon, and inherited the code name that her great-grandmother used, Soifon. Out of her five older siblings, two died on the first mission, then two more on the second. The last one died on the sixth mission.

Yoruichi Instructs her 2nd Student, Soifon

Yoruichi Instructs Soifon

As a member of the militia, Soifon trained intensely in order to become as strong as the corps-commander, Yoruichi Shihōin, the person she had come to adore. Seven years later, her efforts finally paid off when Yoruichi took notice of her talent and promoted Soifon to become one of her personal guards. Initially, their differing personalities seemed to clash due to Yoruichi's laid back nature, however, Soifon dedicated her life to her master, happy to put her life on the line for her. In turn, Yoruichi took Soifon under her wing as her protégée, and they developed a close relationship as student and mentor.

Soifon Pendulum

Soifon Reports to Yoruichi

110 years ago, Soifon, in her capacity as a head of the guard, was highly protective of Yoruichi as well as her honor. She had a short temper when it came to Kisuke Urahara toward Yoruichi's intention of putting him up for promotion to be the new captain of the 12th division because all she saw was his carefree attitude; being lazy and doing bad at his job. Soifon confronts Yoruichi, concerned that she is overestimating Urahara's capabilities. She explains that she believes it was a mistake to even appoint him as Corps Commander of the Detention Unit, and goes on to say that he is undeserving of such a position. While Yoruichi, without hesitation, admits to the fact that Urahara is not really a hard worker, she dismisses Soifon's criticisms and playfully insinuates that her focus on him must have romantic connotations, though Soifon denies it entirely and stalks off.

Soifon spies on Urahara

Soifon Spies on Kisuke Urahara

After spending the day following Urahara around Soul Society while taking notes, she returns to the 2nd Division barracks to show Yoruichi her evidence of Urahara's lack of competence in his position. Soifon arrives to find Urahara already there talking with Yoruichi. Soifon is then told that Urahara will be taking the captain proficiency exam, to which she stands in disbelief. Yoruichi confirms it and further asks that Soifon attend the exam as well. Yoruichi explains that normally only captains are allowed to attend but that she has asked special permission to allow Soifon to attend. Soifon is at first confused about why she should attend but Yoruichi tells her there is no need to keep secrets as she knows Soifon is attracted to Urahara.

Kisuke accused by Soifon

Kisuke Urahara accused of being Lazy by Soifon

Soifon denies this, so Yoruichi explains that she knows all about how Soifon having followed him around all day. Soifon admits that she was following Urahara around, but tells her it was to prove that he is lazy, incompetent, and not worthy of Yoruichi's praise. Soifon hands her note to Yoruichi, who reads them and comments on how detailed they are, when Urahara doesn't deny any of the information in the report Soifon is shocked that he would be so truthful to his seemingly unprofessional actions. Yoruichi unsurprised quips that Urahara never changes as well as praising Soifon for her intelligence gathering skills.

Soifon blown away

Soifon is Forced back due to Urahara's Outburst of Reiatsu

At first Soifon was happy until she realized that Yoruichi regarded the notes not as intelligence information but rather as a love letter. Soifon is reasonably distressed and Yoruichi laughs it off and tells her to loosen up as she wasn't serious. They are then interrupted by the arrival of a squad member who delivers the message that the people Urahara has been looking for has been found, though Soifon comments on if he doesn't return in time that it will put a strain of the 2nd Divisions reputation as well as Yoruichi. To which Yoruichi simply dismisses tell Urahara to hurry off to his duty and telling Soifon to come along to help prepare for the captain's proficiency test. She follows Urahara and his men to a remote area where Soul Reapers defectors are hiding and watches as Urahara enters the building by himself. She then bears witness to his advanced spiritual pressure and is amazed to find he single handily defeated all the defectors with only Hakuda.

Soifon Protests

Soifon protests against Urahara's trip to the Nest of Maggots

A day or so after Urahara takes over Squad 12, Yoruichi is told by an Stealth Force member that Urahara has entered into the Detention Unit property with claims that he was previously given approval to be there. Yoruichi can't seem to recall when or even if he asked for permission or whether she granted it, but when asked if she would have him removed seeing as she can't recall she nonchalantly tells her division members to not bother and to allow him to go where he likes. When asked if she has remembered the incident in question, Yoruichi plainly says no. Soifon becomes distressed and prepares to voice her disapproval, Yoruichi tells her to calm down as its Kisuke they are talking about, stating he must have had an idea of some kind.

Soifon abandoned

Soifon finds her best friend & Sister like figure Yoruichi gone

9 years later when Yoruichi leaves Soul Society to help her exiled friend Urahara, she abandoned all of her titles. Soifon felt betrayed by Yoruichi's abandonment and the circumstances surrounding them. As a result, she trained herself in order to surpass Yoruichi and take the titles she abandoned. She ultimately unified the Stealth Force as well as the Punishment Force after Yoruichi disappeared.

In DWS, Prior after Yoruichi is found gone by Soifon, Soifon goes to her BF, LordTerrantos and she joins him in his goals and eventually married him and made him her LT and eventually promoted him to Captain of Squad 14.


Soul Society ArcEdit

Soifon and Omaeda

Captain Soifon and her Lieutenant Omaeda

Soifon first appears at the captain's emergency meeting regarding the questioning of Gin Ichimaru’s apparent slip of duty in handling the Ryoka. Soifon is later seen walking through the Squad 2 Headquarters with her lieutenant Marechiyo Omaeda, when he complains about how annoying it is that drifters have entered Soul Society, someone has died and now everyone is questioning whether or not Rukia Kuchiki's planned execution is legitimate. Figuring that the superiors already made their decision he considers the issue pointless conversation. Soifon tells him that she has no interest in whether it is right or wrong, as she only care about executing her orders as captain of the 13 Court Guard Squads. All that get in her way are her enemies and all enemies must be slain. Omaeda denotes that he understands before Soifon promptly tells him that the same goes for him as well. She explains that he should know where his loyalties lie and should he get in her way he will become her enemy. Omaeda smirks and states that he will remember that.

Soifon watches the Sokyoku

Soifon watches the Sōkyoku

Soifon is later seen standing next to Omaeda awaiting for the execution to commence. Soifon comments to him that the attendance is poor, as only the 2nd, 4th and 8th Squads have arrived, while the absences of the 5th, 11th, and 12th are expected. Soifon stands in awe as the Sōkyoku begins to release, noticing its change in shape. Shortly after the arrival of Ichigo Kurosaki, Soifon bears witness to the destruction of the Sōkyoku by the intervention of Jushiro Ukitake and Shunsui Kyoraku, Soifon yells to Omaeda to stop them but he is too surprised and caught off guard by the entire situation.

Soifon attacked

Soifon Attacked by Yoruichi

After Ichigo successfully save Rukia and hands her off to Renji Abarai, who runs off with her, Soifon orders Omaeda and the other lieutenants present to go after them though they are easily defeated by Ichigo. When Isane Kotetsu's sister Kiyone Kotetsu tries to run to her sister's aid, Soifon immediately attacks Sentaro Kotsubaki and then goes after Kiyone, and is about to finish her off as a traitor, when a masked figure grabs her and drags her away with Shunpo, and as they fall off the side of the cliff, the masked assailant reveals herself to be Yoruichi Shihoin, Soifon's former mentor.

Soifon vs Yoruichi

Soifon meets her former Teacher and Friend

Soifon engages Yoruichi in hand-to-hand combat before the two put some distance between themselves up in the trees of the forest they landed in. Soifon comments that even though they have not seen each other in a long time, Yoruichi has not gotten any stronger. Yoruichi quips that on the contrary she thinks that Soifon has in fact gotten weaker. Soifon notes that the Tentōken, that Ichigo was wearing had the emblem of the Shihoin family, she asks if Yoruichi gave it to him. Yoruichi plainly admits it as she states that flight was necessary to rescue Rukia at the time. Soifon states that the Tenshiheisonban, the Shihoin family, has also fallen. She notes that the fall of a noble family is not a pretty sight at all. Yoruichi asks why Soifon is talking so much, maybe she is excited to see her old mentor or is she blowing of steam from her position as Commander-in-Chief of the Stealth Force. She asks Soifon if it is stressful being her successor. Soifon tells her to not get cocky and think that she is still better after all those years. Soifon states that both the Stealth Force and the Punishment Force are now under her control, as Yoruichi's era has ended a long time ago and she proceeds to take out her Zanpakutō and stabs it into the tree.

Soifon removes her haori

Soifon Removers her Captain's Haori

Immediately Yoruichi is surrounded by a cadre of Punishment Force members. Soifon asks if she remembers that when the Commander-In-Chief of the Punishment Force draws her sword the execution begins. Everyone who opposes the Commander-In-Chief will be executed, even if that person is a former Commander-In-Chief and has since given up on being the Commander-In-Chief. Before anyone can react, Yoruichi uses her great skill in Shunpo and takes out every Punishment Force member in the area in under a minute, stunning Soifon into surprise. Yoruichi tells her to stop looking down on people so much, as she did give up her role as leader, but there is still one title that she still did not give away. Soifon takes off her haori and tells then she will take that title from her.

Soifon vs Yoruichi 2

Soifon and Yoruichi Fight Hand-to-Hand

Yoruichi comments on the Soifon's attire, noting that she is wearing the battle suit of the Commander-In-Chief of the Punishment Force. Soifon attacks Yoruichi and they begin to fight once again. Soifon notes that they have reached a draw both gaining a hit on one another. Yoruichi comments on what kind of outfit is Soifon wearing as it seems to prevent her from seeing her movements. Soifon asks her if she really thinks it is some trick and uses Shunpo to appear behind Yoruichi and holds her Zanpakutō up to her throat as she releases her Shikai. Yoruichi uses Shunpo to get away but Soifon catches up to her and lands an attack. They move apart once again and Soifon tells her to admit that she is stronger as it may not occur to her that she is holding back. She states that she has become stronger than Yoruichi, and with her death and will make her pay the price for staying away from battle for a hundred years.

Soifon tries to finish Yoruichi off

Soifon tries to use Suzumebachi to finish off Yoruichi

Soifon asks Yoruichi if she remembers her Suzumebachi special ability, as a "Hōmonka" appears on her chest. Soifon explains the mechanics of her Zanpakutō's Shikai. Soifon appears behind Yoruichi and attempts a second strike, but Yoruichi uses Shunpo to escape, after getting a ways ahead Yoruichi turns around goes on the offensive. Soifon asks if she now understands that she is stronger than her, and that if she understands then she will end this battle quickly. Soifon the uses her new technique that combines Kidō and Hakuda together, exclaiming that she has never used it in battle as she has only recently invented it. She notes there isn't even a name for it. Yoruichi, however, tells her it has a name; Shunkō. Soifon asks her what she is talking about. Yoruichi asks her if she knows why the Punishment Force leader's outfit has no cloth on the back or shoulders, explaining because it is meaningless. Yoruichi then uses the same technique but at a more advanced level then Soifon's, explaining what the technique does in detail to her former protégée. Yoruichi further states that she wasn't planning on using this against her but warns Soifon to be careful as she also can't control it perfectly yet as she sends a wave of condensed Reiatsu toward her.

Soifon breaks down and cries

Soifon breaks down and cries

When the smoke clears, the land between them is torn and scorched. Yoruichi asks Soifon if she now understands why she never showed her this technique, as it is too dangerous. Soifon goes to attack her but Yoruichi nullifies it with Hankei, and tells her to stop as it is too soon for her to be using the technique. Soifon begins to attack Yoruichi again yelling at her that she is stronger and that she should have surpassed her, that Yoruichi should have weakened all these hundreds of years and that she should have grown stronger. She asks how it is possible that Yoruichi still so far above her after all this time. She then relays all of her pent up feelings at being disappointed, betrayed and abandoned by her former mentor, when she left all those years ago. All the while Soifon continues to attack as Yoruichi moves effortlessly out of the way. But then Yoruichi stops the attacks by initiating a Shunko powered punch but stopping short of actually hitting Soifon. Upset and unwilling to fight anymore, Soifon breaks down and cries, asking Yoruichi why didn't she take her with her.

The pair reconciled their differences, placing Soifon back where she belonged; at the side of her ex-commander. After being notified about the treason of Sosuke Aizen and two other captains, the two women briefly captured Aizen, being the first Soul Reapers to arrive at Sokyoku Hill, where Aizen has just obtained the Hōgyoku. Yoruichi blocks his Zanpakutō, while Soifon herself holds hers to Aizen's neck, threatening to kill him if he moves. However before they are able to detain Aizen, Yoruichi suddenly calls for Soifon to move as Aizen, Gin and Tosen are rescued by Negación fields created by a group of Gillian who break into Soul Society to rescue them.

Bount arc (anime only)Edit

Soifon investigating

Soifon Investigating a Victim

Soifon alongside Yoruichi in her feline form, investigate human disappearances in the living world. Noting that the culprit is moving fast and attacking at an alarming rate Soifon sends her findings to captain Ukitake in Soul Society. Yoruichi and Soifon make there way to the train station in time to see a Bount attempting to feast on the soul of a train conductor. Yoruichi transforms back into her true form and proceeds to attack the Bount to stop her from feeding on the helpless man. The Bount gets away, and Soifon asks Yoruichi whether she knows the person to which Yoruichi confirms that she does but not in the current form that she is in. She tells Soifon to go back to Soul Society and give them her report of what's taking place.

Soifon Stabbed by one of her own Men

Soifon Stabbed by one of her Own Men

Soifon later attends a captains meeting and is asked by Head Captain Yamamoto to give a status report. She maintains that she has given orders to station units all over the Seireitei. Later When Soifon asks for a status report, one of her men controlled by Ritz attacks her with a bitto. While the rest of her men grab hold of the possessed one, Soifon makes a getaway only to come face to face with the Bount Mabashi, the one behind her being poisoned. Soifon begins to feel the effects of the deadly poison but maintains enough strength to fight back and proceeds to attack Mabashi. Realizing that they are two evenly matched in her weakened state and dragging out the battle will only allow the poison to kill her faster, Soifon releases her Zanpakutō and landing one strike before the poison incapacitates her further.

Soifon Attacks

Soifon Kills Mabashi

While Mabashi is away thinking her beaten, Soifon gains an idea and uses Suzumebachi on herself. When Mabashi finally follows her spiritual energy to a different area, he proceeds to taunt her inability to attack due to the poison. He is then interrupted by her Punishment Force, who come to her aid but are soon taken over by Mabashi's doll Ritz. They hold her so that Ritz can take control of her but Soifon uses her spiritual pressure to send them flying away from her and uses the confusion to attack Mabashi a second time with Suzumebachi. Mabashi is surprised at how its possible she can still move and she explains how her Suzumebachi works, she then watches as his body turns to dust.

Arrancar arcEdit

Soifon is summoned to an emergency captains meeting called by Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto. She attends the captains' meeting.

Hueco Mundo arcEdit

When Sosuke Aizen leaves Hueco Mundo for the fake Karakura Town, she, along with the 13 Court Guard Squads other captains appear each one with his lieutenant.

The New Captain Shusūke Amagai arc (anime only)Edit

Soifon is present at the captain promotion ceremony for the new Squad 3's captain Shusuke Amagai. When Captain Sajin Komamura asks Captain Shunsui Kyoraku as to who attended Shusuke's captain proficiency test, Kyoraku says he doesn't know. Soifon then interjects that it doesn't matter as Amagai will still have to prove himself to the rest of them.

Soifon Standoff

Soifon has a stand-off with Ichigo after he interrupts Lurichiyo's false wedding

When Ichigo travels to Soul Society to rescue Lurichiyo Kasumiōji by stopping the wedding, he is interrupted by the arrival of Soifon and the 2nd Division. He goes to move forward but Soifon gets in front of him and tells him he is disrespectful to disrupt a noble family wedding. Rukia says that they can explain their actions and Ichigo asks for some time to prove their innocence in any wrong doing. He tries to explain but Rurichiyo dismisses his attempts and the 2nd Squad prepares to capture them. Rusaburō Enkōgawa escapes, then releases his Zanpakutō and crashes down onto the roof causing it to collapse.

Soifon clashes with Rukia

Soifon Clashes with Rukia

When the smoke clears, Soifon goes to attack Ichigo but ends up crossing swords with Rukia instead. Rukia tries to explain but Soifon will not listen she uses a Hakuda attack and knocks Rukia away. Soifon then goes after Ichigo, who is unable to convince her without any evidence. After some sword play she discards her haori and easily dominates the battle with Hakuda and then releases her Zanpakutō but before she can attack Rukia uses her Hakuren technique, cutting her off from any further attacks as they make their getaway.

Soifon hostage

Ichigo Kurosaki Stops Captain Soifon

Shortly, while debriefing her men on the situation, she is approached by Gyokaku Kumoi, who asks that she not search the manor. When she disputes this, he plainly reminds her of her social status in the matter. Soifon is forced to wait until Ichigo and Rukia come out, which they eventually do with Shū Kannogi as a hostage making capturing them not an option. Soifon later reports the situation at a captains' meeting and makes mention of Kumoi's reluctance of allowing them on the manor grounds, noting that he seemed to be hiding something.

Later, while in Soul Society, Yoruichi helps Soifon in understand what truly was going on with the Kasumiōji family. She then shows Soifon a technique taught to her by Kisuke Urahara, allowing Soifon the ability to break through a barrier placed around the Kasumiōji foundry by royal blood, supposedly making the shield impenetrable.

Fake Karakura Town arcEdit

Soifon with the Court Guard Squads Arrive to Stop Aizen

Soifon appears with the 13 Court Guard Squads to stop Aizen

When Aizen, along with his top three Espada and their Fracción arrive to attack the fake Karakura Town she along with is amongst the 13 Court Guard Squads's members sent to defend it. When Omaeda states that he thought Yumichika Ayasegawa, Ikkaku Madarame, Izuru Kira and Shuhei Hisagi where not going to be there, she states that she had told him, although, she then thinks to herself that she might have forgotten to tell him.

Soi vs Ggio

Soifon VS Ggio Vega

After the fight for the pillars are successfully defended, she engages in battle with Ggio Vega who tries to taunt and distract her with conversation but Soifon remains calm and continues to fight. Eventually Soifon binds the Arrancar with a Kidō spell, she then releases Suzumebachi. After Soifon explains that her Zanpakutō's ability, Ggio uses his Cero to escape before she can attack and taunts her for not using her ability fast enough. They then continue to fight with Ggio gaining the upper hand when he kicks her through a building. He then questions her skill as an assassin, as he gives his name and proceeds to release his Zanpakutō Soifon is thrown away by Ggio's attacks and sent flying into the side of Nirgge Parduoc's head, knocking him out. Omaeda goes to check on Soifon but she berates him for acting weak and tells him that he is never to turn his back on an enemy. Soifon then calls him a disgrace and goes back to fighting. Ggio takes the upper hand in the fight again and pins Soifon to the side of a building with his fangs. He then proceeds to finish her off, but Omaeda jumps in and blocks the attack with his Shikai. He then grabs the Arrancar in a bear hug and tells his captain to attack. As Ggio prepares to blast Omaeda with a Cero, Soifon kicks him away, revealing she had been feigning her loss in order to study the Arrancar's Resurrección. After knocking Omaeda back with a punch to the face, Soifon tells him if he sees an ally losing, attack the enemy from behind or stand aside if the foe is too strong instead of stepping between them.

Soifon goes to Ggio and apologizes for keeping him waiting and promises to show him a real assassination, but then she questions whether or not he will even be able to see it. This prompts Ggio into a rage allowing him to use his Tigre Estoque El Sable battle form. But before he even realizes it she has used her Nigeki Kessatsu technique on him. She apologizes to him again stating that though she said death in two steps he probably only felt one. Ggio then dies. When Omaeda questions if Suzumebachi will work hitting to separate spots, Soifon explains the true mechanics behind the attack.

Soifon vs Baraggan

Soifon Battling Barragan Louisenbairn

After Vega is defeated, Omaeda and Soifon prepare to battle Ggio's master, Barragan Louisenbairn the Second Espada. Yet, the two of them are unable to move Barragan. Believing that Soifon is holding back because of the captain's seal, Omaeda begins bragging; but Soifon explains that the seal has not been placed on the captains this time and she is fighting at full power. Barragan then takes out his Zanpakuto and begins to swing it at them, but they dodge the attack. Soifon tries to attack him with a kick but he grabs her leg and throws her into a nearby building. This causes Soifon to wonder about Barragan's ability as every time she goes to kick him her attack suddenly slows down. She notices that it is not due to his spiritual energy, but that her own body is getting slower. Noticing that she is wondering about his powers, Barragan tells her that the Espada each embody an aspect of death, and that his aspect is Age/Time, which in turn gives him power over time. He then shows her by using Sonido to get in close and touches her left shoulder causing the bones in her left arm to break. He then releases his Zanpakutō.

Soifon's arm ages

Soifon's arm disintegrates

Soifon watches in horror as she realizes that with each step he takes on the roof causes it to rot and crumble. She then screams at Omaeda to run as he is no match for Barragan. The Espada releases his Respira which catches Soifon's broken left arm causing it to begin to rot away to the bone. Realizing what has happened Soifon begins to panic and screams for Omaeda to cut off her arm before it spreads further and she ends up dead. She is then taunted by Barragan, who finds it funny that even Soul Reapers are afraid of death. Soifon explains to Omaeda that she needs him to keep Barragan busy for a while as she has a plan, and leaves.

Omaeda Catches Soifon

Omaeda Catches Soifon

While Omaeda is acting as a decoy and screaming for help, Soifon is below near a building executing her plan. It is then revealed that she has wrapped a cloth many times around a building and tethered herself to the other end. Soifon then activates her Bankai. Just as Barragan seems to be closing in on Omaeda to finish him off with his technique "Gran Caída", Barragan notices the surge of energy from Soifon's Bankai being released and turns around to face her. Soifon emerges with her Bankai, Jahkuhō Raikōben. Barragan is somewhat surprised as he has yet to see one, Soifon explains that she would have preferred not to use it as it offends her pride as a Commander of the Stealth Force & Punishment Force. Soifon then sets herself up to fire the projectile at Barragan resulting in a huge blazing explosion.The explosion is powerful enough to not only push Soifon back, but also her lieutenant. Soifon's sash rips apart, but she's safely caught by Omaeda as they look on at the large cloud caused by the explosion.

After the arrival of Fura, Soifon notices Barragan's figure in the dust, seemingly unaffected by her Bankai, noting that it is impossible for him to have survived. Soifon witnesses the arrival of the Visored and is noticeably surprised at seeing people she hasn't seen for over 110 years. Hachigen Ushoda then joins Soifon and Marechiyo Omaeda in facing Barragan. Hachi addresses Soifon, telling her it's been a long time since they last saw each other. Soifon acts as if she doesn't know him, to which Hachi comments that he figured she would say as much, and that he is not surprised that she doesn't think well of the Visored.

After using some advanced binding Kidō to deter Barragan, Hachi then calls out to Soifon, asking her for her help as he needs her Bankai. Soifon apprehensively comments on how the Visored even knows about her Bankai. Hachi pleads with her that he knows she doesn't want to work with them because of their connection to Urahara, but he reminds her that this is not the time for grudges. Soifon continues to be uninterested in teaming up with him, to which Hachi relents and tells her he will make a deal with her. Meanwhile Barragan loses patience and proceeds to try to destroy the barrier.

Soifon Bankai

Soifon getting ready to fire her Bankai inside the barrier

Hachi goes on to explain that Barragan used his aging on Soifon's Bankai and made it explode far away from him so that he escaped the explosion. Hachi then deduces that if Barragan is somewhere where he can't escape the explosion and the explosion is too close to him, then his powers won't be fast enough to keep it away from him. The pinwheel section of the barrier partially opens and Soifon sticks Jakuhō Raikōben in and asks Hachi to promise her again that the next day, he will seal Kisuke Urahara in one of his barriers for a month. Hachi promises and Soifon smiles as she fires her Bankai, causing the barrier to seriously rupture and crack. Afterwards, Soifon collapses and starts falling to the ground but is caught by Omaeda, as Hachi comments on the power of her Bankai since it was able to crack the gates of the four beasts. She explains that normally she can only fire her Bankai once every three days but here she was able to do it twice in one day. She reiterates that she wants her payment from Hachi. At this point, Barragan emerges with the left side of his head severely damaged land as he starts releasing Respira, causing the building on which Soifon was standing to collapse. Soifon is shocked and wonders if Barragan really is invincible. She and Omaeda start to flee as Hachi erects a barrier to stop the Respira. As the Respira breaks through Hachi's wall, Soifon calls out Hachi's full name in concern before witnessing Hachi defeating Barragan by using his own abilities against him.

When Ichigo Kurosaki returns from Hueco Mundo, Soifon, along with the other unoccupied Soul Reapers and Visored, prepares to protect Ichigo from Aizen and his Shikai. She tells Ichigo that any opening that Aizen presents will only last a moment, and that he will miss his opportunity to strike if he is not ready. Soifon then tells him that they are not risking their lives on this battle, but are rather fighting to survive. As she leaves to attack Aizen, she tells Ichigo not to fall behind.

Aizen cuts down his attackers

Soifon is Cut Down by Aizen alongside Hitsugaya, Kyoraku, and Shinji

As Love and Komamura fall because of Aizen, Soifon appears before him. Aizen calls her mad for coming to fight him directly as it goes against everything taught to members of the Stealth Force, and Soifon says Central 46 were crazy for ever appointing him a teacher at the Shinō Academy. As Aizen tells Soifon not to insult the dead, as she too was fooled. Soifon tells him she was never fooled by him. She then uses her Shunpo to produce about 15 clones of herself, a move that Aizen commends. Then all her clones move to finish Aizen off. Aizen moves to take out his Zanpakutō but his sword and arm are immediately encased in ice much to his surprise. Before he can react, Soifon stabs him the in the chest with her Nigeki Kessatsu technique. Aizen notes that it is an interesting technique but it cannot harm him. Surprising Soifon, he explains that a battle between Soul Reapers is a battle of Reiatsu. His reiatsu will crush her attacks and powers. Aizen is then caught in Kyoraku's Kageoni, and stabbed from the back by Hitsugaya thanks to Shinji Hirako's Sakanade. But it is quickly revealed that Aizen deceives them again, using his Zanpakutō's hypnotic power to trick them into attacking Momo instead. As Hitsugaya attacks Aizen in a blind rage Soifon and the other captain-level warriors are distracted trying to stop him. Aizen claims they are all wide open and proceeds to strike down Soifon, Kyoraku, Shinji, and Hitsugaya. As they fall into the town below Aizen states that he won't kill them and that they are to watch the outcome of this battle.

Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc (anime only)Edit

Captain Soifon is one of the Soul Reapers called to Sōkyoku Hill for an emergency meeting. It is there that she first meets Muramasa, and witnesses her Zanpakutō on Muramasa’s side. Shortly afterwards a fierce battle breaks out between the Soul Reapers and the Zanpakutō spirits. When Kazeshini tries to attack Shuhei Hisagi and Tetsuzaemon Iba, who are carrying an unconscious Sajin Komamura, Soifon blocks the attack. Sometime later she is seen with the Stealth Force arriving to aid Ichigo, Omaeda, and Ikkaku Madarame in capturing Hozukimaru and Gegetsuburi. The former gets away, but Soifon has Gegetsuburi sent to Mayuri for examination. The next night Soifon arrives with the Stealth Force and some other Soul Reapers to save Rukia and Renji from numerous attacking Zanpakutō spirits. As Gonryomaru is attacking the Soul Reapers, the 2nd Squad captain goes on the offensive, attacking the Zanpakutō spirit. She effortlessly dodges a fire blast from Tenken and is nonplussed at the idea of fighting two powerful (lieutenant and captain level) opponents at once. Gonryomaru attacks Soifon with electricity but she dodges and lands a solid kick on him, launching him into a wall. She continues by dodging attacks from Tenken. After briefly ribbing Gonryomaru, the latter summons a dark cloud that hovers over her.

Soifon continues to taunt Gonryomaru and Tenken before taking them both on using Shunkō. The battle is going her way greatly when she is interrupted by Suzumebachi. Suzumebachi manages to get a Hōmonka on her and says that she was close to getting a second sting as well. Suzumebachi then berates Soifon's sense of style and tells her she sounds stupid when she goes around saying "Lady Yoruichi" this, "Lady Yoruichi" that. To cap things off Suzumebachi tells her to get a new wardrobe and a boyfriend (Tho in DWS she does have a Boyfriend & later he becomes her Husband). Soifon is shocked at Suzumebachi's personality and questions whether that really is her Zanpakutō. Suzumebachi tells her that if she doubts her then just wait and see what happens when she is stung a second time. Worried that she will not be able to keep up with Suzumebachi's speed in the current area, Soifon tricks Suzumebachi into following her elsewhere.

Suzumebachi and Soifon

Suzumebachi proves to Soifon how fast she is

Soifon blocks

Soifon Blocks Suzumebachi's Attack with Shunkō

As Soifon continues to run she is attacked by Suzumebachi though she perfectly dodges so that she does not get hit in the same spot a second time, resulting in a Hōmonka appearing on her shoulder. Suzumebachi congratulates her on her tactics but notes that the Hōmonka seals are starting to add up, as she now has a total of three. Soifon begins to ponder why their speed is not the same until Suzumebachi explains that because she is smaller than Soifon, that regardless of them having the same speed she has more dexterity and therefore she has the advantage and that is the reason why she can attack Soifon but Soifon cannot land a single hit on her. Suzumebachi then begins to taunt Soifon by talking about Yoruichi causing Soifon to become upset and strike out at Suzumebachi. Soifon then tries again to slash at Suzumebachi, who dodges the attacks with ease. Suzumebachi the attempts to sting Soifon in the eye but using Shunpo she dodges the attack, resulting in her getting hit on her cheek, where a Hōmonka appears. Suzumebachi laughs at Soifon as she tries to determine where to strike her next, flying around Soifon using her amazing speed to confuse Suì-Fēng. Suzumebachi decides to attack the Hōmonka on Soifon's cheek but just as her stinger makes contact she is repelled by Soifon's Shunkō. Soifon takes her sword and strikes Suzumebachi down. Thus regaining control of her Zanpakutō. Although victorious, the fight has exhausted her and just as Soifon is about to collapse she is held up by Yoruichi who carries her back to meet the others. Soifon is present when Yoruichi reveals that she has found where Muramasa is keeping Head Captain Yamamoto.

As Muramasa's Hollow form grows in strength, Soifon, Suzumebachi and other high-level Soul Reapers and Zanpakutō spirits appear in Karakura Town to aid Ichigo's team in the fight. Together, Soifon and Suzumebachi began taking down several Gillians, at one point saving Ichigo's friends, though she tells Ichigo & his friends she had no intention of saving them. When Soifon turns her attention to the giant dome that Muramasa has transformed into, Uryū Ishida stops her from attacking by firing a volley of arrows in front of her. When trying to reason with her that Ichigo was trapped inside, Soifon insists that her mission comes first. Hitsugaya convinces her to instead focus first on taking care of the Menos Grande. As the number of Gillian grows due to the open Garganta, Soifon and the others combine their Reiatsu to seal the Garganta, preventing more Gillian from arriving. After Soifon and the others finish off the remaining Gillian, Ichigo emerges from the collapsed down the victor with a dying Muramasa who apologizes for his actions.

13 Court Guard Squads Invading Army ArcEdit

Soifon in Ichigo's room

Soifon present during the meeting in Ichigo's room

Soifon is present for a captain's meeting called by Yamamoto regarding disappearances in the Dangai. She listens to Mayuri's report that there is a time gap in the Dangai and his request to conduct a study to identify the cause. Soifon later accompanies other members of the 13 Court Guard Squads to the Human World and is present during a meeting in Ichigo's room in the Kurosaki Clinic.

Soifon negates Inaba's shunko

Soifon & Yoruichi Negates Kageroza's Shunkō.

Yoruichi frees Soifon from Kageroza's seal. She arrives at Kageroza's lair at the same time as the 13 Court Guard Squad captains and Yoruichi, stopping Kageroza from attacking an injured Hitsugaya by throwing knives at him. Soifon and the captains engage Kageroza and his reigai in battle. During the fight, Yoruichi and Soifon use their Shunkō, but are blocked by Kageroza's portals. Kenpachi tells them that Kageroza can copy whatever they do. Yoruichi and Soifon use Hankisosai to counter this and create an opening for Kenpachi and Hitsugaya to successfully strike Kageroza. However, Kageroza's body dissipates and he reappears. He immeaditely attacks and injures all four of them.

Soifon defeated

Soifon defeated

As Mayuri fights and talks with Kageroza, Soifon listens with the others. As Mayuri torments Kageroza, Soifon demands that he hurry up and finish him off. Kageroza releases the full power of the reigai and more of the reigai appear. The two sides engage in a melee. While fighting the Reigai Byakuya, Soifon is knocked into the ground by Reigai Kenpachi. She is later treated and joins the other captains to aid Ichigo and Urahara against their Reigai pursuers. Soifon quickly teams up with Yoruichi to battle Reigai Unohana. However, even with their combined attacks, the Reigai is able to effortlessly block their attacks with a barrier. It is surmised that the Reigai have been enhanced even further since their last battle.

Soon, the captains find themselves cornered by the enhanced-Reigai's power. Byakuya however realizes a key difference in the Reigai's method of fighting: they refuse to risk fighting outnumbered in fear of being defeated and such won't attack first. Soifon mocks them for their cowardly battle tactics.

Later, the resurrected Oko Yushima begins his endgame, using his Renzan Hajokuri technique to begin destroying the Soul Society. Before the Soul Reapers can, the Reigai step forward, saying that they will stop their fellow Mod Soul's chaotic plan as their goal has always been to protect the Soul Society in their own way. Reigai then destroy the technique at the cost of their own lives.

The Thousand-Year Blood War ArcEdit

When Akon and Mayuri Kurotsuchi report about the Vandenreich's infiltration, Soifon is also present. She is subsequently ordered to prepare for war alongside other captains. When the Stern Ritter invade Seireitei, Soifon head out to deal with the invaders.

Soifon's Bankai

Soifon's Bankai gets stolen

Upon entering the battlefield, she confronts a Stern Ritter. Accompanied by Omaeda, she tells her lieutenant that she will be using her Bankai to try to find a way to counter the Vandenreich's method of sealing Bankai. She goes to say that even if they do seal their Bankai, there will be no problem if they simply kill their opponents before their Bankai is sealed away. Soifon then proceeds to unleashing her Jakuhō Raikōben, but it is immediately stolen by her Quincy opponent. When Head Captain Yamamoto decides to actually enter the front lines, Omaeda senses Yamamoto's Spiritual Pressure as it resonates throughout Seireitei. Omaeda then asks his captain what is happening. In response, Soifon calls him an idiot and says that the Head Captain is outraged.

Soifon and the others mourn Yamamoto's death

Soifon and the others Mourning Yamamoto's Death

Soon after the battle reaches its climax with the Vandenreich retreating, Soifon and the rest of the captains mourn the death of their Head Captain in the First Division barracks. She is visibly shaken after hearing from Ukitake that Yamamoto's body could not be found as it was likely destroyed by the enemy. After receiving a report about the status of Kenpachi and Byakuya, Soifon is the first to break down and shouts at the messenger. Lashing out at Kensei for being so composed, it's only with the intervention of Komamura and Shunsui that she is able to calm down. Soifon and the other captains later gather outside Seireitei to witness the arrival of the Royal Guard.

After the arrival of the Royal Guard, Soifon yells at them for beginning to discuss rebuilding so quickly, and states that there are more important things to take care of. However, she is ignored, and one of the Royal Guard members appears behind her, getting hold of her arm. The Royal Guard berates her for not being able to protect Seireitei to the point where even their assistance is needed, but is then hit on the head by another Royal Guard, allowing Soifon to pull free. Moments later, Senjumaru Shutara approaches with large orbs containing Renji, Byakuya, Rukia, and Tensa Zangetsu, shocking Soifon and the other captains.

Beyond Light and DarknessEdit


The Beginning ArcEdit

Soifon appeared in her Husband's throne room discussing matters concerning Godstrike and training and she later went to train under the instruction of Both Thanos and The Beyonder.

Soifon later appears in a village near Godstrike, Killing villagers alongside Vaati under Thanos's intructions. Upon hearing a villager call her Husband a Mad man she instantly vanishes and puts a hole in a man's chest removing his heart in the process, she then questions him how he is still able to move without his heart but upon seeing him kneel to the ground she stabs his heart killing him.

Soifon then sees Vaati Murdering several villagers with his insane methods but as Thanos tells Vaati to focus he gets hit, Soifon telling him Thanos told him to focus but Vaati then begins a rant about that he could wipe the floor with them in seconds. Soifon murders 8 villagers without even looking behind her afterwards. She then becomes disgusted when Vaati says he is going to rape a man.

Soifon later as her Husband talks about her to Chaos, wipes out multiple civilians with her speed of light speed, saying how weak they are in the process.

Later after HAL 9000 returns with a corrupted Seras, Thanos arrives before that with Soifon and Vaati telling his Lord how well Soifon did. Terrantos then compliments her causing Soifon to blush and say Thank you nervously. She then sees her husband completely transform Seras evil, making her, Soifon's Sister-in-law because Seras was now a wife to the dark emperor.

She along with Vaati and Thanos are ordered to instruct the other villains in their training, before leaving she sees her husband tell Seras that he and her will be confronting, Plague even though he did not say the name she knew who he and Seras would be confronting unlike the others in the room with a exception of Thanos.

Soifon later appears with two of her fellow Co-Wives of Terrantos and two of her Husband's Heralds to a prison that was keeping Doomsday inprisoned. She and her Husband and his followers had to fight through 2,000 guards but in the end they killed them mercilessly without effort. Soifon then saw her husband look into the eyes of Doomsday and his pressure cause Doomsday to kneel down and eventually Doomsday swore his loyalty to Terrantos. Soifon then laughed along with Seras and Medusa as they saw that they would reign in the end with their husband.

Soifon later attacks Godstrike as part of Diablo's Plan to revive the Titans, and she ends up fighting the Teen Titans, Raven, Nightwing, and Cyborg. But grows bored quickly and Orderes Medusa to kidnap Raven. Later when Ghirahim appears and learning that the plan is done. She sees Seras kidnap Raven, and opens the Garganta so she and the rest of the Shadowblood Soldiers can escape.

Soifon later appears when Terrantos has GLaDOS Turn Raven evil and when he leaves with his new Maiden, Raven. Soifon discusses with Thanos how long it will take the heroes to figure out who the other six are. When Thanos ask her how she thinks the heroes are dealing with her son, Damiean. She states probably failing to grasp his power

Later Upon her Husband wanting a report on the situation on Riza's fight. Soifon informs him she is still dealing with Mustang. She then is tasked with going with him, Shuma-Gorath, Juri, Seras, Medusa, and Lucy to confront the Heroes of Earth.

Corruption ArcEdit

Horseman of Apocalypse ArcEdit

Rise of Vaati ArcEdit


Ginjōtan:A steel sash worn under armor, its contributing weight makes it harder for the wearer to move fast. The tremendous recoil produced by using her Bankai requires that Suì-Fēng be anchored to a nearby stationary object via this cloth-like material.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Soifon battle data

Soifon's Bleach Battle Data, Clockwise. Top: Offense (80), Top Right: Defense (60), Bottom right: Mobility (100), Bottom: Kidō/Reiatsu (60), Bottom Left: Intelligence (60), Top Left: Physical Strength (100). Total: 460/600.

Hakuda Master: As the Former leader of the Stealth Force, she was required to be highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, which she had been training in ever since she first joined the Stealth Force. She is most likely the most proficient hand-to-hand combatant in all of Soul Society and Now Shadowblood, being able to fight evenly, and gain the upper hand, against her enemy & Former Mentor Yoruichi Shihoin. She can sufficiently block and attack others and is hard to actively lay a hand on unless she allows it.

  • Kazaguruma: a technique where one throws their body up into the air, making a shearing movement with the legs to get one leg in front of the other without holding on to the ground. The move can either be done backwards or sideways. When the move is done with one leg high over the head to deliver a devastating kick to an opponent sending them flying away with tremendous force.
  • Takigoi: A hakuda technique where one blocks the kicks of another opponent by trapping the opponents one foot against the forearm and blocking the other foot with the combatants foot. The move blocks and traps the opponent who is then open to a an attack from the combatants free hand

Great Spiritual Power: As the Former Captain of Squad 2, she boasts a great amount of spiritual energy.

Master Assassin: As the Commander of the Shadow Force and former Commander of the Stealth Force, Soifon is one of the foremost masters in the art of assassination. She is known to be skillful in staying hidden. Using Shunpo, she has disabled the opponents without them being able to see her, as she did while catching the arrows of one of the Dark Ones in battle. She also used this ability to sneak up on Aizen and temporarily capture him before he escaped to She has studied all the disciplines of the punishment force since she was a child, including poison. Because of this, over the years she has developed a resistance to nearly every poison there is. Even to Cooper The Great Philosopher's Chemicals and poisons.

Enhanced Strength: Soifon is strong enough to take on bigger opponents despite her smaller stature. Easily overcoming those four times her size. She has shown herself capable of lifting large slabs of concrete debris that she was buried under with little or no effort. She also is very strong as she has easily overpowered Superman and Ganondorf with little problems.

Enhanced Durability: Soifon is highly durable, able sustain being kicked into buildings with enough force to go through walls and bring whole sections down on top of her while attaining no apparent injury. She even survived having her left arm cut off, and still remained active to engage in battle.

Shunpo Master: As the former leader of the Stealth Force, she is also required to be highly proficient in Shunpo. She has been shown to almost keep up with her former mentor & Enemy Yoruichi Shihōin, being able to hit her once with the Nigeki Kessatsu, but not getting a chance to do so again as Yoruichi was faster. She actively uses her mastery of Shunpo techniques and is highly proficient in evasion in close quarters as well as from a distance. Thus making hitting her almost impossible if not for the most advanced combatant. Her movements are noticeably so fast that few would be likely to see an attack take place. It has also been noted by Suzemebachi that her Shunpo is the fastest of all Soul Society and Shadowblood (Excluding Dark Emperor)

Soifon clones

Soifon's Cloning Ability

Clones: Soifon is able to create at least 15 clones of herself at once using Shunpo, similar in principle to Zommari Lureaux's Gemelos Sonído. While they are indistinguishable from her true self and mimic her movements, they do not seem to last long.

Utsusemi: Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shiho. It allows for a movement at great, sudden speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Soifon is master in swordsmanship, usually only employing her Zanpakutō when she faces a opponent with a drawn weapon. She is unique in that her fighting style is different from traditional styles. Soifon holds the blade horizontally with the it alongside her arm in a reverse grip, using the blade like a large dagger with it pointed backwards towards the bottom of her gripping hand. All strikes are made by sweeping the arm forward as though throwing a punch while whipping the blade forward away from the arm quickly in a broad arc. She is quite adept at blocking with the blade in this manner as well. She also fights in the normal style masterfully, given to being proficient in two variations of sword fighting.

Master Strategist & Tactician: As the former Commander of the Stealth Force and Captain of Squad 2, Soifon has shown herself to be a capable leader. Repeatedly through the series, Soifon has shown to be insightful and crafty, quickly capable of understanding any situation that presents itself and adjust to it effectively. Soifon has shown an innate skill to determine what actions should be taken in battle. The tactics she employs are based on subterfuge and confusion. She has shown to be adept in putting her opponents into a false sense of security and allowing them to underestimate her abilities. A common tactic of hers is to gauge the opponent's strengths and weaknesses in the middle of combat.

Kidō Expert: As former Captain of Squad 2 and former Commanderof the Stealth Force. Soifon is well versed in art of Kidō, though she prefers to use Shunpo and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. She is experienced enough that she is able to mix it with other hand-to-hand combat techniques.


Soifon's Incomplete Shunko

Shunkō: An advanced technique that combines hand-to-hand combat and Kidō. She fights by surrounding her back and arms with pressurized Kidō. The keisen uniform has no back or sleeves because they will rip apart when the technique is activated. What is known of it so far is that it can allow her to instantly neutralize an opponent's movement. Suì-Fēng's version of the technique is new to her and incomplete, its use of compressed Kidō is not visibly seen. She has enough control to release the Kidō energy as a directed blast that is enough to cause considerable damage to the surrounding area.

Telepath: Soifon is also a Telepath able to read the minds of others and lift up objects with her mind or just her fingers or hands.

High Intellect: the most fearsome trait of Soifon is her tremendous intellect. she is well-versed in the history, strategy, tactics of the Soul Society, and is knowledge previously unknown to many, such as the knowledge of the existence of the Ōken, as well as the obscure method in which to make one. She has also high enough intelligence to be able to gain the powers of others while being able to avoid arousing any suspicion from the majority of her fellow Shinigami. For over 110 years, she had also been planning the betrayel of the soul society and Also planed out all of Aizen's plans and his Arrancar army. She also planned on joing Dark Emperor so she could plunge the world and Yoruichi in Darkness. she has an innate knowledge of the Hōgyoku, rivaling that of its creator & Owner, Kisuke Urahara and Sosuke Aizen, even the extent required for her to make a replica. She is able to figure out Shinji Hirako's Shikai ability's true nature and then deduce that it produces an optical illusion, allowing her to counter its effect. She effectively deduces the true power of the Hōgyoku via trial and error of situations that revolve around it.



Suzumebachi's Shikai

Suzumebachi: In its sealed form, it resembles a wakizashi with a yellow hilt reminiscent of a Chinese dao. It is kept sheathed horizontally behind Soifon's lower back hanging by a rope.

  • Shikai: triggered by the command Sting all Enemies to Death. Grasping onto Suzumebachi with her right hand, the entire sword will glow white and shrink in size. When the emitted glow dies out, it is revealed that Suzumebachi has now taken on the form of a black and gold gauntlet that has a small chain linking it to a stinger-like blade on Soifon's middle finger. The "stinger" is about twice as long as the normal length of Soifon's fingers, slightly increasing her striking distance. The colors and pattern of the Shikai resemble those of a hornet, fitting for the Zanpakutō's name. In this form, Suzumebachi is still capable of withstanding an opponent's sword attacks, as Soifon can block incoming attacks with the "stinger" and gauntlet portions.

Shikai Special Ability:
Nigeki Kessatsu

Soifon executing Nigeki Kessatsu on Ggio Vega

  • Nigeki Kessatsu As its first step, Soifon stabs her enemy with Suzumebachi’s blade. Not only leaving a rather deep wound, the attack leaves a butterfly-shaped stamp on the victim’s body. Spreading from the center of the wound, known as Hōmonka, this stamp becomes the target of Soifon's second attack. If struck in this same spot that was hit the first time, the person will inevitably die and thus illustrate "Death in Two Steps." When the ability takes effect, a larger crest quickly spreads out from the two smaller ones, completely destroying the victim's body. The crests are maintained by Soifon's will and are impossible to remove unless she wills it; when Yoruichi was still in charge of the Stealth Force, Soifon could only maintain the crests for half an hour. The mechanics behind Suzumebachi's ability takes effect not through point of entry but rather point of actual surface Contact. This ability is caused by a venom that Suzumebachi secretes. When it enters the target's body, it spreads throughout their body in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, destroying it without a trace. The effect of the poison takes slightly longer to work for those who have enhanced spiritual power.
  • Counter-Poison: Soifon can use the same venom that Suzumebachi secretes for Nigeki Kessatsu as a counter-poison by stabbing herself. This was only shown in the anime.


Jakuhō Raikōben - Soifon's Bankai

  • Bankai: Jakuhō Raikōben: Its appearance is that of a gold armor missile launcher base that encases Soifon's right arm and comes all the way above her shoulder to form a face shield that she uses to cover the right side of her face. The entire bankai is made up of a large pointed gold cylinder with black markings twice the size of Soifon herself. Before she activates her Bankai, Soifon wrappes a heavy metal sash (Ginjōhan) around the things she stands on or is around, in preparation for the attack's massive recoil and the resulting powerful explosion. She uses her Bankai so rarely that it has remained largely unseen by the members of Soul Society and Shadowblood; even her own Lieutenant comments on having never seen it before. Soifon explains that she would prefer not to use her Bankai. She believes that it offends her pride as a Shadow Force & Former Stealth Force agent, as "It's too large to hide, too heavy to move, and its attack is too flashy for assassination."

Soifon firing her Bankai

Soifon Firing her Bankai at Baraggan

Bankai Special Ability: Being a ranged weapon of the artillery sort, Jakuhō Raikōben has the ability to launch the missile attached to its base. To do so, Soifon must first raise and aim the huge missile, using the slits present in her face guard to be able to see while doing so. Once targeted, small fins extend from numerous points along the missile, before it is fired. It then tracks its target for a precision strike. After a successful hit, the missile creates a powerful and massive explosion. The burst of explosive energy after the detonation is powerful enough to not only blow away Soifon and her allies, but also rip the steel sash she was tied with, despite them being a long distance away from the explosion. Soifon is capable of firing more than one missile at the same level of power. This attack has a normal limit of firing no more than one missile every three days; doing so more often taxes her noticeably.


Hollow Mask: Soifon's Hollow mask at 1st strongly resembles a bee's mask, with a bee like eyes and antennas as well as other features of a bee's face. When donning her Hollow mask, Soifon's sclera turn completely Black and her irises become Metallic. But as her hollow powers became more dominant and stronger her mask change into a Golden Mask in the shape of a Hornet's head with Black markings on both sides, 2 going from the bottom to up and some going from the top down and some connecting to each other. She also has has two eye socket holes in her mask but the left side one is the only one that shows her eye.

  • Power Augmentation: While wearing the mask, Soifon's Hollow powers supplement her Soul Reaper & Titan powers, giving her a vast increase in both strength and speed

Hierro: Soifon also appears to have a strong Hierro, taking a direct hit from Urahara'sBenihime and only having a medium wound of blood on her chest.

Descorrer: A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, Captain & Lieutenant Level Soul Reapers and sometimes other arrancar and Soul Reapers, to open a Garganta between the Shakala and Hueco Mundo, as well as Shadowblood and Godstrike castle..

Sonído: Soifon is capable of using Sonído; though, her skill with it is unknown. She is shown only using it sparingly to get away from a unsuspected attack. This is also an Arrancar Speed Technique the equivalent of the Soul Reaper's Hoho or Flash Step. That and she mostly uses Hohō

Senescencia: As the Titan who represents "Death and Life", Soifon is able to dilate time around her, thereby reducing the speed of any target that comes near her and making their efforts at attacking her useless and thus has sufficient enough time to counter them. she used this aspect of the ability in his fight against Jamiethedalek and Brett so that they were incapable of landing a hit on her. The ability also allows her to accelerate the age of whatever she touches, causing the appropriate damage that comes with aging. This portion of her ability was used to age Brett's left arm to the point that its bones became so brittle that they eventually broke. Her proficiency in this ability is so great that she was able to get next to Brett and lightly tap him on the shoulder, while the latter could only react with confusion at what just transpired. This also Barragan Louisenbairn's power but it is unknown how Soifon has it. This is also a constant ability and she can not control. She always has this power active whether she is wearing her mask or not.

Respira: Soifon unleashes a black/purple, smoke-like miasma that radiates outward from her. The Respira immediately ages and rots anything that it comes into contact with. It can move fast enough to strike even Brett while he was attempting to escape from it at full speed. The breath decays the skin on Brett's left arm until only shredded clothes and her arm's skeleton are left behind. Even after escaping the attack, the deterioration continued until the afflicted area had been amputated. Another notable aspect of the ability is that Soifon can control its speed, as she purposely released a slower Respira when chasing Jamiethedalek. Respira can even dissolve Kidō, as Soifon demonstrated when she destroyed a Kidō cage that Hachigen had imprisoned her in. Soifon explained this effect by stating that because all living things eventually die and the things that they create eventually die as well. This is also one of Barragan's powers but unlike Barragan Soifon can use it without being in her release form. She can also use respira with just using her mind to control it.

Cero: Probably one of Soifon's most fearsome abilities is her power over Cero. Her Normal Cero is distinctively different from other Ceroes as most are Crimson but hers is Pure Silver with a Mixture of Black, but unlike other Ceroes hers is far more quick and far more Destructive in Power.

  • Red Cero: Soifon can also use the most common colored Cero. it is less quick as Soifon's normal Cero and less Destructive but is still quite fast and destructive as it still cause most Heroes to have to block the attack but still they get sent flying. Tho there are other various colors for this cero.
  • Cero Doble: is a variation of Cero performed originally by Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck but now is performed by Soifon & her. Soifon's is quite similar to Nelliel's but different. All Soifon has to do is Swallow a energy like attack (Cero, Kamehameha, Thunder, and etc.) (Nelliel can only swallow Cero attacks) and then Soifon can returned it back at the user, combining it with one of her Ceros; making it more destructive and Powerful.
  • Cero Sincrético: This is another variation of Cero but performed by Nelliel's subordinates; Pesche & Dondochakka. Unlike thier version, Soifon does not need someonelse to perfom this as she can make a purple Cero and a yellow cero appear in her hand (Purple in the right hand & Yellow in the left hand) and then she charges them Simultaneously and combines them, forming a large, swirling sphere. Then she fires the cero, launching a multi-colored beam. But unlike Pesche & Dondochakka. She is not over exhausted for using the technique and her version is far more powerful and more Dark & Sinister. She can also use this technique with different colored ceroes.
  • Gran Rey Cero: A Cero that is originally exclusive only to the espada but Soifon can use it as well but like the Espada's gran Rey Cero, hers is a different color then thiers (Szayelaporro's was pink & Grimmjow's Blue). Soifon's Gran Rey Cero is Blood-Red and its power seems to surpass the Segunda Etapa releases of Barragan, Ulquiorra, Stark, Grimmjow, Nnoitora, and Szayelaporro & all the other soldiers normal forms. Soifon rarely uses her Gran Rey Cero because hers has the power to split a planet in half.
  • Cero Oscuras: As stated by Ulquiorra this Cero can only be use in a Arrancar's true form. Soifon's Cero Oscuras is different, as She can use it even if she is not in her hollow form or any of her other forms. Soifon's Cero Oscuras is the same color as Ulquiorra's but it has a larger wide radius and has far more Destructive Power. and it also is faster then lightning. The only difference between hers and Ulquiorra's is it performed from her tongue instead of her finger. and it has slight red & Silver in it.
  • Cero Metralleta: Soifon can perfom this when pointing her right Index finger at her enemy, and then a baragge of Silver-Black Ceros (Her Cero) at her Opponent or multiple enemies. Stark has this ability too but only in his 1st release form while Soifon can use it in her normal form and her other forms. another difference is Stark's is blue while Soifon's is Silver. Also hers has more Destructive Power then Stark's.

Soifon's 1st Form (Hollow Form)

Soifon's 1st Resurrección (drawn by Dragonlordrynn)

  • 1st Resurrección: Her Release command for her Sword's Resurrección is Reap while holding Suzumebachi in Shikai form she transforms into a Serpent with small wings that has three heads and a large tail. Also she has two arms and a hole in her chest but her heads are that of a Hydra which means every time they are cut off they are replaced by 4 more in her case. She can also use her Homonka’s power only once to kill her enemies now which make her twice as deadly as she is in her human form. She also has somewhat Devil like horns on each of her Hydra Heads and each of her heads seems to represent an Element Fire, Ice, and Darkness.
Resurrección Special Ability: All of Soifon's standard abilities are enhanced and she gains other abilities too.

  • Dark Destroyah: Soifon in this Form can perfom a Triple Black Cero which combines into a giant Sized Skull Like energy beam which has enough power to create a giant crater in the ground even if it is just in the air. Its appearance resembles most cero at 1st until it transforms into a Skull-shaped spear energy beam. It is Soifon's most powerful tecnique in any of her resurreccion forms, and a technique developed by Dark Emperor which the Technique is his own. Soifon has nicknamed the Technique the Cero of Death. Its killing power is yet unclear.
  • Death Canon: Soifon's 2nd dangerous technique she puts all 3 of her heads in the air and fire, darkness, and thunder form in her mouths and form into a large black hole like attack but than turns into a giant orb of dark energy with the power enough to kill an entire empire, as Vaati has stated. This attack is so powerful it takes Soifon 2 hours just to use and if anyone is hit in the blast radius that is not Soifon or a titan they will die and turn into the undead. Once she is done charging the attack she will drop her heads and the blast will fire at what ever is in front of her & the range of this attack is over 500 Miles.

  • 2nd Resurrección:
    Soifon's 2nd Form (Suzumebachi 1st Resurreccion Form)

    Soifon's 2nd Resurrección (Drawn by Arrancarfighter)

    Soifon's 2nd Resurrección's release Command is Hunt and Sting, Soifon is than engulfed into a Gold light with darkness surrounding it. She than transforms into a Cheetah with a gray man, with a white like markings on top of her head. Has bee wings and at the end of her tail is her stinger similar to that of a hornet or a bee. Also coming out of her gray mane is her braids and on her front legs she still wears her stealth force gloves. and her hollow hole is located at her chest where some of her mane is.
  • Enhanced Speed: Complimenting her already impressive speed and power, Soifon's 2nd released state augments her speed drastically, giving her animalistic agility and movement to match, allowing her to keep up with the masked-enhanced Bankai of Ichigo or her allies Byakuya, Yoruichi, and Reigai Soifon.
  • Enhanced Strength: Her strikes pack enough power to incidentally destroy large skyscraper-sized pillars in Hell via collateral damage during the fight with Dante from DMC. Her strength was also enough to send Dante through several buildings with one strike, as well as send him flying hundreds of feet, merely with a few light punches and kicks.
  • Enhanced Nigeki Kessatsu: This also augments her Zanpakuto's special ability but she can now use it by just stinging her opponents in different places and they will die or sting them in the same spot twice but with deadlier force.

  • 3rd Resurrección:
    Soifon's 3rd Form (Suzumebachi 2nd Resurreccion Form)

    Soifon's 2nd Resurrección (Drawn by Arrancarfighter)

    Soifon's 3rd Resurrección's release Command is "Prowl and sting your Prey". Soifon is than engulf in metal like energy and her torso and cheetah head become metal. she had black lines across her eyes in this form. and her stinger becomes longer at the end of her tail. She also has some fur on her back of her metal torso. But the metal does not cover the underbelly of her cheetah form. She also has black like marks on the front of her back legs and white stones mark on her feet of her back legs and she still wearing her gloves of the stealth force.
  • Enhanced Flight: Greatly increases her abilitiy to fly at God like speeds.
  • Enhanced Cero Oscuras: While in this Form, Soifon's Normal Cero Oscuras is greatly enhanced able to pierce through not just flesh but through the very soul and will itself causing great mental damage which can lead the target into a coma or worse.
  • Gravity Core Blast: As the name suggests this attack involves Gravity. Soifon charges a black-like energy attack with electricity come out of it at the end of her stinger on her tail and than adds Cero Oscuras and Gran Rey Cero to it to increase its attack power and speed, it eventually turns into a gravity core orb and Soifon than just shoots it to cause everything to go deeper into the ground due to its gravity properites tho it only effects what it hits. Soifon has said that if she puts enough power into it she can send someone into hell with it.

  • 4th Resurrección:
    Soifon's 4th Form (Suzumebachi 3rd Resurreccion Form)

    Soifon's 4th Resurrección (Drawn by Arrancarfighter)

    Soifon's Resurrección's release command is Sting and Kill. Soifon than resumes her humanoid form. With her entire captain attire. but it becomes kinda raggy in away. The back ends of her boots seem to have square like ends which resembles a Bee or hornets. She also still has a tail but no stinger just black and yellow striped like a bee. Her right arm also becomes a armored Stinger arm. she also wears a hornet helmet. her braids are still visible and her left arm is not visible but in DWS you can see it. She also has large hornet wings.
  • Death Cero: Soifon's newest power in this form is Something she and her Lover call Death Cero. Soifon has her stinger like arm pointing at her foes and all the ceroes charged into a orb of Chaos like Energy and Titan Energy until it turns into a large Cero of Death, she than can shoot it and whatever it hits whether alive or not will instantly die tho it has no effect on her lover. Its destructive power and speed is so powerful that even the fastest being or strongest being could not avoid it.
  • Murder Gran Rey Cero: Soifon's 2nd New Cero is Her Murder Gran Rey Cero which unlike her 1st new power she uses her wings to charge the attack by gatthering the energy of the dead and murders across the universe & charges a Gran Rey Cero into it as well and upon the complete charge it resembles a Flaming Darkness Skull, she than fires it in a wide arc like range and murders whatever is in its path including plants, animals, buildings, rocks, and etc. Soifon has stated it is a Cero that only she and Dark Emperor Terrantos (her love) can use hinting its too powerful for normal Soul Reapers, Arrancar, Hollows, Visoreds, Xcution Members, Zanpakuto Spirits, Bounts, Reigai Soul Reapers, and Kasumiyoji Assassins to use. this includes villains not of bleach as well.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Soifon's 2nd strongest power in this form is her power of Darkness Manipulation as she able to easily manipulate darkness with her thoughts as well as with her stinger arm as it can consume and destroy everything in its path no matter who or what the target is. Soifon has shown to be able to control infinite amounts of Darkness to plunge the lands so the heroes can not get close to her (due to the fact if they fall into her darkness they will die). She can use the Darkness as a weapon to slice through mountains and buildings as she used it to show heroes of earth how deadly she is as she cut down a mountain with her darkness. Soifon is also able to fight Melee-fighters with this power despite it being a long range attack as she can turn unlimited amounts of the portions of her darkness into weapons or even make all the darkness as the weapon by turning into a whip or a sword like thing (can even change the size, weight, and appearance of her darkness). She used this tactic against Dante as he used a large sword she turned her darkness into a Sword as well and due to her telepathic abilities was able to attack Dante without actually wielding the sword giving Dante much diffculty. She can also use the darkness to form a left arm to resemble her arm in normal form and can create a weapon for her to wield as well. She can also use the Darkness to create a barrier between her and a range attack including a missle or a rocket and still have no damage or injuries done to her. Soifon can use this technique to hide in the darkness so her foes can not get to her or even find her she uses it as a stealth method often claiming she rather have her manipulation of darkness as her bankai than her actual Bankai, as she was able to easily assassinate Kyrie while she was being protected by Nero (DMC). She can also create countless monters out of her dankness manipulation ability such as Hollows, Nobodies, Vampires, zombies, and etc. She can also have the darkness rise into the air and cause it to charge at her opponents thus killing them in the process but only Dante (DMC) has ever survived the technique.
  • Hell Nigeki Kessatsu: Soifon's 3rd strongest power in this form is her Hell Negeki Kessatsu which is an upgraded version of her normal Nigeki Kessatsu (Death in 2 Steps). Like her normal Suzumebachi's power which is if she hits someone in the same spot twice they die which is where the Homonka mark is (a butterfly looking shaped tatoo). But unlike the normal one the Hell version when she strikes her opponent with her arm-stinger a larger-devil butterfly shape is etched into the person's body but unlike the normal Homonka mark it also etches the flames of hell into the person's skin slowly burning thier insides and increasing the fatalness of Nigeki Kessatsu. But the flames of hell also act as a connector or rather link between the person and Soifon's stinger arm which causes Soifon not to miss her second strike no matter how far the opponent is she will automatically appear and kill that person in an instant with her stinger arm by stabbing the person in the Hell Homonka Mark twice.

Soifon's 5th Form (Ultimate Form)

Soifon's 5th Resurrección (Drawn by Arrancarfighter)

  • 5th Resurrección: Her 5th release command while having her bankai out is Assassin Darkness Style of Evil: Dark style of corruption: Suzumebachi Hydraga After saying this she is engulfed in darkness. She gains 10 Devil Wings on her back and has an Arrancar like outfit she now has demon claws and her eyes are now as red as crimson and she has vampire like fangs and her Hollow Hole is in her chest. She also has white gloves of her Stealth force ones. And now she has a 3-Bladed Death Scythe and a 2 Bladed Death Scythe. Also her hair is now pulled down. And their are also Devil Horns growing out of her Skull in this form. She looks Human unlike her previous form but she has a Red like jewel in her forehead. She is basically humanoid again but still Hollowfied. In this form Soifon has all the powers of the Espada, and all her abilities are incresed 10 fold. She also now has SuperHuman Strength & Speed. She also can kill someone with just thinking it or using the force Choke. she also has the powers of Hell and Darkness in this form and has the powers of the Grim Reaper.

Soifon's 6th Form (Suzumebachi 6th Resurreccion Form)

Soifon's 6th Resurrección (Drawn by Arrancarfighter)

  • 6th Resurrección: Soifon's 6th Release command is Become the Devil's Empress and Stinger (which might refer to Dark Emperor). Soifon than is engulfed into golden flames of Hell but upon her release she now has a hollow mask unlike her previous form with Bee Like eyes and yellow slash like marks below the eyes and has the antennas of a hornet or a bee and also has some type of bone like pieces on the top. Her hair is till see but only bits of it showing the pointy bits of her hair and her hair in pigtails but instead of her typical golden rings she has 2 claw shape rings. Soifon's entire torso and skin color is now completly black at her chest she has a skeletal like rib cage armor and spine thing going down from her neck to her thighs. and also in the middle of her torso she has a golden armor and her arms are covered in the same golden armor which greatly resembles her bankai with some its black mark symbols on her gauntlels and her pauldrons. And on the bottom of her right gauntlet she has the insect like things. Her right arm just like her 3rd form is not human at all but resembles a bee's stinger but is an arm with armor and is gold. on her thighs are some bee-golden armor as well. the rest of her legs are shown to be black with white lines which are possibly boots with the insect like things behind them. She also has a insect like tail with a bee or hornet stinger at the end which like most of her bee like armor is gold.

  • 7th Resurrección: Her release command While having all the forms of her Zanpakuto out and having her scythes in the ground is Grim Reaper Stlye: Darkness within: Suzumebachi Jakuho Raikoben Mokushi Lightning, Darkness, and Blood Surround Soifon and her Arrancar outfit became different as it had blood like markings on it, Soifon eyes became completely black as the void, her long white arm bands became red with Black & White markings on it, Her face has black marks beneath her eyes, She had spikes on her shoulder and spikes on her fingers as well, Her tongue now had some type of Oroboros tattoo on it, Her fangs of a vampire became more monster like, Her red Jewel in her forehead became Black, Now she had 30 Devil Wings, and her Hollow hole was located in her neck and not her chest, Her demon claws became sharp enough to cut through everything Brick, Flesh, Bone, Steel, Titanium, Gold, and etc, Her hair was still pulled down but was longer than before, her Horns became more like Balrog's from Lord of the Rings, and Her number tattoo on her right shoulder changed from a 2 to a 0. She also had two larger Death Scythes but this time both of them had 6 Blades instead of one, three, or 2 and her hair color became more lavender & Black. She also had two other arms to wiled four death Scythes at once and make her Similar to Nnoitra the 5th Espada from Bleach (The four arms & Death Scythe thing only). This form has no new powers other then the fact she can bend reality and control People's movements.

  • 8th Resurrección: The release command while in her third form is Rise from Oblivion Suzumebachi Doki Kuragari Akuma She is then engulfed by all the elements. After all the elements fade away her appearance changed dramatically. She now has a Skull like eye patch on her left eye. There are black stripes beneath her right eye. She has three Black Jewels in the forehead. and Her Devil Wings became a cape as black as the void, and have Eyes on them, Her eyes remain Black as the void but the iris becomes Lavender and her eyes are more snake like, She also has Demon markings on both her arms, her Arrancar outfit became different as it was still white but there were Eyes, and Blood like markings on it and her hollow hole is under her eye patch Similar to Nnoitra, her Balrog horns vanish and want replace them was Diclonius Horns. She also still has four arms but with eyes on the palm of each hand, The Spikes on her shoulders & fingers became Diamond, Her monster like fangs became Devilish, her Oroboros tattoo was no longer on her tongue, it was under her left foot similar to Wrath from the 1st Anime, Her demon claws became like steel & were lavender, her hair was the same length as her previous form but it was Black & Crimson, Her arm bands elbow part had a blade attach to it, she did not have her stealth force shoes and was barefooted similar to Dark Rukia, and her tongue became somewhat lavender like. And her death Scythes were Still There but became more powerful as two of them had Six Blades and the other two had 10 Blades. And also she had the ability to erase memories now. And her voice became somewhat as demonic as Millennium Earl's but feminine. She has all the powers of Shadowblood at her disposal (Excluding Dark Emeperor's) along with Devil strength and Devil Speed.

  • 9th Resurrección also referred to as her Titan Form: After she Puts her Zanpakuto blade toward ground and it sinks into the ground similar to Byakuya's Shikai. Then a large earthquake was caused within the middle of the ground almost splitting the entire planet in half as if it was just a toy. she transforms and now has Devil Horns growing out of her skull, her fingernails were slightly longer and were painted red, she had red stripes on her visible parts of her arms, Her Soul Reaper outfit became More Emperor like, and she had two Pairs of Devil Wings. And their were eyes on her wings, She also had a mouth on the bottom of her right hand and a eye on the left one. She also had three devil tails. Her eye color became more Blood-like similar to Zero-Two. She also had a Emperor like Robe similar to Vaati's robe. And their was a Demonic Eye on her chest. and Her teeth became sharper then a vampire's teeth. And on her back was some Japanese word that translated into "Titan of Death"

  • 10th Resurrección also referred as her True Titan Form: Saying Embrace the Depths of Hell and Suffering! Matsu Nayami Mashin Kingou Doragon Jouten Gougan harumagedon Suzumebachi! (English translation: The End of Agony Devil King Dragon God Pride Armageddon). energies of dragon elements, Titan's powers, Shadowblood soldier's elements & Powers, darkness within people's hearts, and Kingdom Hearts energy flows into her. Her apperance drastically changes and is quite diffrent from all her prievious forms and her 1st Titan form. all the energies that flowed into her also come out in purge into her Soul, Heart, and go into her mouth as well. after it was done Soifon Look diffrent as She had a black victorian looking like long sleeved shirt with gold lines in the middle of it with gold like strings connecting to the other side from left to right back to left to right again. She had a necklace with a red medallion for it. She had a Black ring on her left hand's index finger. She also had a gold layer and red on the front thing on her waist. She also had large Black Angel Wings on her back. and her hair was pulled down but was extremely long compared to her previous forms, her hair reach all the way down to her waist. Her finger nails were a little longer compared to her previous forms where they were mediumly long. She had an Egyptian like eye print on the palm of her left hand and a Skull like Print of the Devil on her right palm. Her soul reaper pants were replace by a red Shinigami or Death God like pants with a black mark on the left side of it. She also became somewhat taller compared to her height of 4'10 she became 6'5 when she entered this form. Her left eye became crimson and her right eye became completly black with no iris at all. On her chest of her shirt were two Eyes that look somewhat similar to Pride's shadow's eyes. Soifon also had Vaati's red medallion but being replace by a black one. Soifon has also become completly expressionless and emotionless in this state and form. Two Hourglasses also float around her with a Black flame above one and a Silver flame above another. Black marks similar to Vaati in his demon appearance were under both Soifon's eyes. Soifon also had Kefka's feather on her waistband on her waist. Soifon also has Wesker's gloves instead of her gauntlets from her 3rd or 4th form. Soifon also had a word Written on her tongue in Spanish that said "Ultimate Fear". Soifon's tongue instead of being pink or lavender was completly black other then the words on her tongue that are written in white. Like her 4th form she is still barefooted but has more speed then her previous forms. Aizen's Hogyoku is also imbued in her neck. Instead of having a Scythe or a A Zanpakuto she has a Katana, a Gun, and a Scythe on her waist (Katana & Gun only). She also has Aizen's zanpakto, Vaati's abilities, and all other Soldiers of Shadowblood's weapons. She also had a Keyblade at her disposal. There was also a word in Intalian on the left side of her neck that translated into "Dark Empress" Which is spelled Accigliato Imperatrice. Soifon's finger nails colors also became Black on some of them and on the others they were silver. There was also a word on her scythe in Japanese that translated into "Goddess of Time" which was spelled Megami Taimu. She also has all the powers Kingdom Hearts has within its door. She also has dragon markings on Her right hand.